Three Poem by Mrinal Kanti Ghosh

My garden

My garden
where I was with you
in the last morning.
I blow away myself.
A delightful morning,
flower blooms like a
beautiful dew and
covers my tears.
I miss you everyday and night so melancholy was that day.
Oh ! Love, can we wait
for the day, to touch a
Snowfall like a lost memory.

Brighter moon

The moon shines on the blue sky. Dark and floating night swirling away. Evening shadows near the signify moon.
I feel the darling fragrance. Harvest moon creeping on the blue sky.
The frosty night looks so beauty when the beautiful moon beside the lonely forest, in the shower of rain the moon is shining. So beauty was that night.

Mournful wind

My mind is floating.
The thousands of clouds
are crossing near
the beautiful moonlight.
The harvest moon looks
so nice and shadows.
Spring rain are so clouded like your beautiful eyes.
The mournful wind are near the lonely forest.


He is a lyricist of All India Radio Calcutta.
He has written so many books on poetry, novel and story. His books names are as under,

2.Sudhu sabder jannaya
(Financed by West Bengal Government)
3.jodi chole jai
4.Nairite nisarga namey
5.Ami se o somudra (novel)
6.Ekhane akash nei
7.Suranjana (English and Bengali)
8.Chayapathe saresrip bikel
9.Bideshi kobita (English and Bengali poetry transcription)
10.Dhupchaya nir
11.Nirjan sayanhey joytshna

1.Award from Bangladesh
2.certificate from different countries.
Certificate’s has given.
He is a musician He plays guitar (Indian Classical).
His another two books are
under process. He is also an
Astrologer, He believes in
Astrology. He also believe
Rebirth/Regeneration.The poet also written so many poetry about Rebirth/Regeneration. His another
Book will be publish about

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