Aristotelis Fragos

Aristotelis Fragos is a Germany’s Author. He was born in Kalamata in 1946. He studied Banking Management in Germany where, he worked in a fiscal association of a German Bank for eleven years.

Aristotelis Fragos

Since 1977,  he live in Kalamata with his family.

Writing and specially Poetry was his secret passion. He published his first lyrical collection under the title “Dead Street” (Nekros Dromos) in 1982 and after that “The Flower City” (Anthoupoli) in 1983. “The Chemistry of sleep” (Chemia Ypnou) in 1992. “The melody of Mai” (Tou Mai Melodia) in 1996. “The Whispers of colors” (Chromaton psithyroi) in 1999. “Polymnia” in 2004. “Cycle undefined Diameter”(Κyklos akathoristou Diametrou) in 2010. “Stunned words-Dump Notes” (Alales lexeis Vouves Notes) in 2012. “Water and soil”(Nero & choma) in 2014. “Ode to a small Odyssey 1967-1977 A.D.” (Odi se mia mikri Odyssia/1967-1987) in 2015. “The boatman of Acheron” (O varkaris tou Acheronta) in 2017. “Trilogy for Eva” (Gia tin trilogia tis Evas) in 2019. “The narcissism of words” in 2021 (o narkissismos ton lexeon). And he published also four novel: “Paper Gods” (Chartinoi Theoi) in 2005. “Rain games” (Pechnidia vrochis) in 2008. “A Summer in August” (Ena kalokairi tou Augoustou) in 2014. “The alibi of lonelinen” (To alothi tis monaxias) in 2019
He have been many times rewardable for his poems in Greece, from the “International Society of Greek writers” and also from the “International Poetry and research Centre” in China with the Diploma “Dr. of Literature” and also with the “Prize-Winning Certificate” as the “International best poet” of the year 2005.

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