Author: Jakhongir NOMOZOV
Translated by Maftuna CHILMURZAEVA

When musician winds played their music,
The rains had also sung their quiet song.
Until the moon had done make up in the sky,
Woken up from its heavy sleep the Sun.

The alarm clock is ringing “Wake up!” and “Wake up”,
Someone is awake, others are in slumber.
If only you knew that cage is home, but sadness,
Come here! You too join this life, dear…

Tear away the sadness lying in your eyes,
Banish the sad voices from your heart and soul.
Do take steady pace with firm confidence,
Fill your every day with a miracle, be full…


My devotion to you weighed heavily,
My love cost me a lot, what should I do then?
“I found true happiness in your heart, my love,
Did you become happy by letting me down?

I was lost, by losing reached my own soul,
These frauds and cunnings have opened my eyes.
Whose heart are you now getting slowly in?
And someone is leaving your heart, say good byes.

I got wet without getting in water,
Slanders poured down like rain.

I went back without starting my way,
I was defeated without having fought.

Sprinkling dust with my tears,
I sweep them with my eyelashes.

Don’t you consider me a human?
As if you are a human yourself!

Learned from the devils yesterday,
Became their teacher she today.

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