Eyes are all around
Rana Zaman

Anyone who doesn’t see him thinks he’s a fool
There are eyes like vultures on the walls
Each eye has a bulging eye like a fly
There are countless eyes in the open space

Don’t think that you are in a secret place
You have hidden some wrongdoing or bad deeds
Those invisible eyes see the bad intentions you cherish in your mind

These eyes never have cataracts or loss of vision
Those eyes don’t blink because they don’t get tired
Those eyes do not understand any difference between day and night
The eyes are constantly looking for the revelation of the truth
Those eyes don’t like lies at all

Remember the invisible eye wherever you are
Don’t do anything to hide
Keep the door of thought open
Follow the straight path that pleases those eyes

If you think that you have become one eye, you will get relief
What is the secret in this life of two days!
Keep open books for all
In this way all the evil deeds of rats are reduced.

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