There is no love by heart in this soil,
And non-loyalty this world does spoil
Hearts have been wounded from idlers above
Left but is hypocrisy, you couldn’t that shove.
Chastity is lost in manners of men,
No humanity in real or in dream does remain
All are in drunkenness and in delirium lost
No desire does come for the bliss utmost.
All aspirations for fame and survival means,
Not a drop of kindness remained in between.
Troubles and diseases hit us from all sides,
By want of money we do abide
Our pride and hearts were broken, in the foreign land,
Patriotism is but honor, this we do understand.
Translation: Santos Kumar Pokharel.
A dream child
The green of our dreams is where it begins,
Rebellious desires lurk in our footsteps.
A drunkard with a stern look in his eyes,
My heart is pounding.
The negative pole was the positive pole
Gravity pulls towards the heart.
I rejoiced with a thousand sorcerers, a painter of imagination,
It makes your picture more beautiful.
The hand of sorrow grieves my neck in the evening and in the morning,
The child of my heart’s desire is the mother’s domain.
Do not hope for a storm from God.
Noah pulls the boat to the foot of the harbor.
Pilgrim, how long will you seek refuge from the edge of words?
A stain on his head whenever he stabs.
Translation: Marie J.Mond
Old anger 
You don’t have to take shelter in a flood.
 There is no need to grieve in vain
 The blade of his eyebrow sheds our blood,
 Your blood is not worth this killer
 When will you be able to stand in front of Jimi?
 One should not take one’s mind before Him.
 His playful eye was a lifelong pursuit of our annoyance,
 There is nothing to be angry about.
 The laughter of the flowers themselves is a clear proof,
 The mourning of the barren world should not be taken.
 Pilgrims sometimes suffer at the hands of ignorant people.
 The skirt of ignorance should not be taken until the Day of Judgment.
 Translation: Anvar Rahim.
Solihov Ibodullo (pseudonym Ibodullahi Saleh), a poet, translator, was born on January 5, 1962 in the village of Lohuti, Khovaling district of the Republic of Tajikistan.  Graduated from the Agricultural Institute of Tajikistan (1983-1988).
   Author of 10 books.  Including 5 collections of poems.
  His poems have been translated into English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Albanian, Azerbaijani, Uzbek, Kazakh and Spanish.
    Member of the Union of Writers of North America, vice-president of the International Chamber of Writers and Artists CIESART – Barcelona, ​​ambassador of culture, member of the International Peace Corps.
 Academician of de Letras Guimaraes Rosa Allegra Academy.

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