Three Poem by Lora Pak Kim

1. I will fill up my heart with more love

I will fill up my heart with more love,
So the blood quickens up through my veins,
And I’ll wrap up my soul in new patience,
So that happiness comes in the end.
At my hardships I won’t ever grumble,
To my pains I will just close my eyes,
And I’ll tell myself what I’ve discovered –
It’s my fate to be given this life.
I won’t cry – no, and I shan’t complain:
I keep only good thoughts in my mind,
So I’ll pick myself up once again,
And write only of happier times.


2. I am thankful

I am thankful for everything –
For what my life came to be.
I was born at night, to muted joy:
If only I had been a boy…
I am thankful for laughter,
And sorrow, and my peaceful heart,
And that, right from the very start,
My guardian angels have kept me safe,
Protected me and given comfort.
I am thankful for my children,
And for their children, and for all my friends.
I’m thankful that I love the life I have;
That I can talk to you today, to hear your thoughtful words,
And be considerate myself, and feel that I am heard.
For the kindness of hearts, and for the roof above my head.
For choosing not to be callous, but compassionate instead.
For the man who sleeps in the room next door,
Whose snoring keeps me awake at night.
He lets me know that I am alive; and
He won’t let me die with no-one by my side.
I’m thankful for each gentle word, and every selfless act.
For knowing that my peace of mind has always been intact.
I am thankful. It’s true that I’m thankful.
For every day and morning.
For this, to You I am thankful.
I am thankful.

3. May God spare you

May God spare you from travails like these,
From thoughts of cruelty and sadness,
So that your soul can feel at ease –
Be pure, and full of joy, and humble.
When you ruminate on negatives,
Don’t be so quick to take offence: be patient.
Accept the gifts that each day gives,
Pour some cold water over your flames.
And every night, gaze up on high,
Where stars shine sumptuously in cloudless skies,
And tell the moon and stars your dreams,
Send them brightly through the galaxies.
May all of your wishes be heard,
And may they grow wings and soon take flight,
So that your most genuine phrases and words
Will be the kindling that sets your dreams alight.
With new lightness, without the stone in your heart,
Forgive and forget, let go of pain.
So that when you turn to a fresh new page
You can smile and begin your life again.

Author: Lora Pak Kim

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