Time and us

Time is passing by and with that I am passing too
Have many questions to ask to myself
Have many answers to give to myself too
A lot has changed with passing time
Along with has changed my thoughts and feelings
Sometimes I searched for myself
And sometimes I searched for God
Sometimes some stranger became mine
And sometimes some dream became fulfilled
Found the one whom I loved and then lost too
Sometimes laughed wildly yet sometimes cried loud
In the tears of sadness sowed a seed of new dream
Cherished it courageously with braveness
Met with some elegant moments again
Felt some unsaid, unheard unfolds again
Do not know in how many days and nights like this
Do not know in how many such valuable and unnecessary talks
Time is passing by and with that I am passing too.

BY Author Haroon Rashid
Instagram: @authorharoonrashid

What do you see?
Do you see their skin or the immortal soul.
Or do you see their hope, desire and goal
Is this something you cannot control?
Seek acceptance from within,
There’s nothing outside
You see exactly what is inside
Don’t cage your thoughts, set them free.
See each other as human, feel the feeling
Don’t look for gender or colour
appreciate each other’s contribution
Don’t be a stranger in this strange life
Love each other with all heart
Wear yellow, blue, green and red
But remember there’s no colour of hatred
Now is the time of peace, lets foster to spread
We are not just bodies, but lights from divine.
By Author Haroon Rashid
Instagram: @authorharoonrashid


Stillness is your calmness
Feel so blessed in the blessings around,
a peaceful breath has calmness
To achieve something needs your stillness.
There are many who want to feel what you feel,
There are many who want to live the life you are living
There are many who want to see the things as you see
Many want to have your way of thinking too.
This stands true for all of us,
There are many people who we know are living good life, great life and blessed life.
As there can never be comparison of one’s life with another ever,
We are no one to suggest anyone anything
This is your life and you are the sole care taker of your soul
Feel every emotion of your life with intensity,
If you are in pain feel it before you deal it
If you are happy feel that happiness fully
Don’t live a normal life
Normal life is mediocre life,
It will never make you a strong person.
Success or failure is nothing, the human is same,
it’s our perspectives that change not that person.
Achieve everything yet achieve stillness
it will lead to your calmness.

By Author Haroon Rashid
Instagram: @authorharoonrashid


Author Haroon Rashid is World Famous Author for We Fell Asleep In One World And Woke Up In Another and Author Haroon Rashid Quotes.
For his works he received
. Honorary Degree, Doctorate of Humanity by La Haye (Academy of Applied Sciences Supervisory Board) France.
· ‘Golden Eagle Award for Literary Excellence’ from South America.
· ‘Honorary Award in recognition of his Excellence in Literature and Arts’ on the occasion of the 59th year of Independence for Trinidad and Tobago
°Certificate of Excellence from Trinidad and Tobago.
°International Women Day 2022 CIESART Spain Europe
· Balkanska Pjesnicka unijapoetically godine – 2021 -Award from Serbia
· Invited to be a peace protagonist on the occasion of International Peace Day in Mexico and Greece,
· Designated as amongst Ambassador for SDG4 in promoting world peace through Quality Education and Global Citizenship Education and also for SDG13 for combating climate change,
· Designated as ‘Literary Lieutenant’ in the army of literary warriors.
· Invited to be a speaker at 3rd International Congress of Education, Designing The Future, Mexico, North America
°Las Olas Del Arte January, February, March 2022 Belgium Magazine .


  • Author Haroon Rashid
    Jammu and Kashmir, India
    •We fell asleep in one world and woke up in another
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