In the immense wheel of life
the world turns
and the souls go
on their long journey
in their eternal silent search
to find the peace
that cannot be felt
under the shadow of the days

A light breeze
between pines and birches slips soft
secret language of the universe
that speaks to us with its rhythm and cadence
to remind us that life is here and now
and from a peaceful sky mystical and eternal
words descend like raindrops
the name that cannot be pronounced
primordial sound of Origin
cosmic egg of time

Open your eyes
Open your ears
to the synchronous flow of the wind
to the lotus flower that opens
to the hummingbird’s jade color
to the dance of the butterfly
that in its flight carries the message of the angels

Hear the whisper of the four elements
summon the invisible breath in each:

Mother Earth
loving Gaia

Mother of life
blessed Pachamama

Grandfather fire
strike me in your flame
ancestral fire
in the tantric heart of lovers

Eternal wáter
sing to me with your memory
ancient rain that caresses my soul

Air from the four cardinal points
flow little by little
open paths for me

On the sacred mountain
the condor and the eagle unite
in the lines of time
a prophecy has been born.


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