A LAVISH PRESENT by Nilufar Khalimova

Salimjon and Salimakhan are siblings.They were born in one day.Twins’s parents celebrate their birthday with their relatives every year. Twins will take stepseight years old this year. Relatives come to congratulate Salimjon and Salima one after another with this relation. They gave boy’s present to Salimjon, girl’s present to Salimakhan.
Their grandfather came from the village and he gave seedlings to them from room’s border. Twins said at the same time: “Oh, oh!” They said: “What do we do with seedlings?” “Go! We shall plant in your yard. I grafted these seedlings for you”, – said their grandfather. Children looked strangely and they willy-nilly followed their grandfather. Their grandfather planted seedlings and he poured water.
The time passed rapidly. All presents finished, sometimes presents broke and twins forgot them. But their grandfather’s present flourished and grew.Salimjon and Salimakhan wanted to stay round seedlings and they were interested in seedlings. The years passed rapidly and one seedling gave peach, one seedling gave apple. They were attracted by this. Seedlings gave crop every year.

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