GOODNIGHT MOON What is it about the moon that invites such fascination? Children’s books, numerous artistic depictions and songs? Why the pull to invite constant study? Of the scientists and astronomers? They go to the moon and plant their flag…though it’s a cold, airless planet. What is it that drawsContinue Reading

ENDINGS by Kay Watkins With each beginning also comes an end But only leads to new beginnings. The caterpillar ends its part Only to become the butterfly The autumn leaves die & fall Only to become renewed with fresh leaves A baby’s born Then grown, the person dies after havingContinue Reading

AS STRONG AS THE WOMAN NEXT TO ME (a compound haiku) Photo & poem by Kay Watkins I’ve never met her* But today I knew her well With her I was found Such a strong woman Able to build others up Not tearing one down That’s the way to beContinue Reading