What is it about the moon
that invites such fascination?
Children’s books, numerous artistic depictions and songs?

Why the pull to invite constant study? Of the scientists and astronomers? They go to the moon and plant their flag…though it’s a cold, airless planet.

What is it that draws lovers out to gaze upon it while stealing a kiss?
Or to affect menstrual patterns and the pull of the oceans tides?

Even my hairdresser will say hair grows faster when it’s cut during a full moon.
And that’s “when all the crazies come out” and we see a spike in crime and misbehaviors…
thus the werewolf appears.

What is it about the moon that dictate the schedule of our Jewish holidays? That dictate the harvest…
It can be so bright, shedding enough light that I can drive down a country road just using the moon’s light…
and at times appear blinding against the darkness of the night…

Why the pull? Why the fascination? Why the draw?
I don’t know but it’s drawing me. Every chance, every night,
I, too will say,
“Goodnight, Moon”.

Poem & photo by Kay Watkins

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