(a compound haiku)
Photo & poem
by Kay Watkins

I’ve never met her*
But today I knew her well
With her I was found

Such a strong woman
Able to build others up
Not tearing one down

That’s the way to be
Always lifting each other
To smile, not frown

If you’d tear one down
To make yourself look better
Alone you’ll stand down

Whether it’s cancer
Or abuse from another
We’re still not held down

We’re all survivors
‘Cause of the women with me
Shares with me their crown

  • Side Note:
    I saw this woman at a parade and noticed her cool tee-shirt & also her beautiful smile. So I talked to her, complimenting her shirt & she said it was for breast cancer awareness. I may never see this beautiful, strong woman again but I feel stronger just for the short meeting with her.

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