Master Niginabonu Amirova The teacher is said to be greater than the father. So dear to me , To describe them canʼt find words My teachers are different. No wealth in his hands ,but love in his heart, Magic in the word he gives us, I canʼt find a singleContinue Reading

Ms. Veronica Roma Pingol hails from Dasmariñas, Cavite, Philippines. She is a Filipina blessed with a beautiful daughter named Louella. Currently, she resides in Hong Kong as an empowered woman and serves as the founder of United Poets @ Hearts and author of her debut solo book, titled “Night ButterflyContinue Reading

On My Walk Walking Feet treading Again and again Everyday Eternally On The Way Uncertainty My companion Faithful friend Together we go Knowingly Your Path meets You Upon Your every step On My Walk I watch my feet In grateful wonder Appreciating For I see so many feet Echoes persistingContinue Reading

Books are loyal friends Shahnoza Ochildiyeva Human is the greatest of the creatures that was created by God. Very invaluable mind was given to people. Everyone should try to improve their this mind and knowladge. Books can be the best helpers if anyone wants improve their mind by exalting .Continue Reading

Anjir Liton (born 17 June 1965) is a Bangladeshi poet and children’s writer. He is the Director General of Bangladesh Children’s Academy. He won Bangla Academy Literary Award for His Children’s Writing in 2020 for his contribution to children’s literature. He is the Editor in Chief of Chorabarshiki, The largestContinue Reading

Education: Eshika receives the Millennium Fellowship 2023 from the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) and Millennium Campus Network (MCN) joint initiative. Among the 17 students from various departments of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST), Nazifa Nawar Eshika from the Department of Social Work is one. Eshika expresses happinessContinue Reading

LOBOTOMY Translation:- Germain Droogenbroodt Main:- RAFAEL CARCELÉN (Spain) Do not deforest the woods without first cutting down one by one our neurons.   What seed, what forest could then still germinate in a dissociated wasteland that once was a brain?   RAFAEL CARCELÉN (Spain) Translation Germain DroogenbroodtContinue Reading

Pair of Morning Crows on a Lawn After the Rains Ryan Quinn Flanagan   Peckish down deep in twin gesture, this pair of morning crows on a lawn after the rains; obvious mates, that familiar shared gait as if talking over the old times, but what hunger has ousted fromContinue Reading

Chorabarshiki Chorabarshiki (ছড়াবার্ষিকী) is a collection of rhymes published by Bangladesh Shishu Academy [1][2]. This Rhymes collection is published with selected rhymes of 476 living rhymester of Bangladesh is the largest collection of rhymes in Bengali literature.[3]   Photo collected from Jisan Mehbub.Continue Reading