Happy Women’s Day March 8 Ana María López Exposito The call of love When did it open up in your being? chrysalis of your wind butterfly verb…? Now you are a hymn of sparkles under the crepe sky and your pupils contemplate themselves in the amethyst river. Your pupils mergeContinue Reading

At a school picnic Dr. Jasimuddin Bhuya Poet and journalist On a picnic that day from school All day with your loved ones All the time on this day in joy So many poems and stories have been made. How many flowers and fruits are unknown I just saw itContinue Reading

Mirela Leka Xhava (Albania-France) Silence Silence inside the crater, deafening speaks without a sound as in a dream the cry of silence is not heard within the solitude of the great forming of the sinking and rising chaos. Silence listens between the cosmic stones and within it projects the bridgeContinue Reading

What’s a woman? Stefica Karasevac Girl, girl, this is the day it’s called Celebrating, there are few that I can say that she was really attached. As a woman, many the eternal struggle, happy with the water a new era of fashion. Wife, mother, pillar and fighter all this togetherContinue Reading

Poet Allison Grayhurst’s Poems  Blackout If you knew the fierce immersion, tarnishing your already dilapidated innards would you have sunk so close to death, your heart racing, aching with excruciating escalation, skipping beats? Would you have preoccupied your mind with other people’s good fortune, grow bitter at your own failureContinue Reading

A precious man By Eva Petropoulou Lianoy The nights and the days come and go without a smile The days are so big without a smile The nights are a waiting for a call or a message It is so expensive this time away from your eyes. You are myContinue Reading

Just Because  Just because …. As the time keeps moving on, We need to move with its pace, Lest, a step taken back, May prove very dear later. Just because …. As the age keeps growing on We need to transform as well, But for certain, learn to shun, BothContinue Reading

GOODNIGHT MOON What is it about the moon that invites such fascination? Children’s books, numerous artistic depictions and songs? Why the pull to invite constant study? Of the scientists and astronomers? They go to the moon and plant their flag…though it’s a cold, airless planet. What is it that drawsContinue Reading

ENDINGS by Kay Watkins With each beginning also comes an end But only leads to new beginnings. The caterpillar ends its part Only to become the butterfly The autumn leaves die & fall Only to become renewed with fresh leaves A baby’s born Then grown, the person dies after havingContinue Reading