I Walked in the Procession

Poem by Baburam Shrestha ‘Yatri’
Example image from Internet

Like a swarm of ants

In lines

Carrying indomitable courage

free walking steps

Don’t ask

Where are you going?

As majorities are in crisis

In the same way,

In wide road

In busy breasts

Slippers are worn

The whistles sound

The sticks move


And Today

They will rise tomorrow too

Leaving a bowl of chopped rice


Don’t be surprised

Because to mold a rusty dictator

I walked in the procession.

[Baburam Shrestha ‘Yatri’ (b. 1986) is a Nepali poet from Marin, Sindhuli. An M. Ed in English, he has a collection of poems, Deshswapna and Boodho Samaya to his credit, besides several other isolated pieces and articles. He teaches at Marin Multiple Campus and Kapilakot Secondary School as an English teacher.]

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