Four Poems By Aminu Femi Jamiu


Aminu Femi Jamiu


By Aminu Femi Jamiu


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Time shall come

When, I shall sail

On journey of no return

My quill shall feel the grief

This, then, shall be scroll of my tombstone


Let no man shed tears

Saying, the poet has gone

I had long shed an ocean of tears

Waking in frost-freckled mornings

Toiling in sun-scorched afternoons



In this labyrinth of path

I delved into the rising epic of years

Dwelling in self like a rejected monk

And continue to babble the sounds of eternity


This path of life is always unknown

And in death life reincarnate

To where no hatred abound

Neither hope nor passion

Even, Earthly love is void


Show me love

Not when am gone

Offer me a shoulder

For me to see further

Give me a lift

Not tears on my tomb


For the rawness of my palm

The callus on my feet

The wrinkles on my face

The scary scars on my skin

Duly, making my silent speak


Let this stand on my tombstone

Read this poem to the growing lads

This is my signature on the sand of time

Fervently seeking for love

Not tears on my tomb.


©Aminu Femi Jamiu

All Right Reserved


The world

By Aminu Femi Jamiu 


The World is just the cinder of heaven

The world under the sky

The world under the earth

Vast beyond the mind eye

Global community of countless creatures;

Of colors, cultures, religions and languages

Of birds whose songs human can’t fathom

Both the moon and the sun a symbol of life

Just as rain and rainbow at the eyes of cloud

Where oceans mated with deserts


Flowers danced to silent echoes

Wind rode gleefully daily

To spun forest tress in wriggling jiggling

Nature is symbiotic to the world

Peace is the tree of life.


Ember of light to be reignite

Not the thirst of war whose drink is blood

Peace, peace, peace!

Let peace echoes the world

For the world is woe in war.

©️ Aminu Femi Jamiu

All Right Reserved.



By Aminu Femi Jamiu 


Upon the tree of hope,

We lingered on leafless branches,

Like the bereaved owl,

We are left alone,

Humming our sad songs.


The same songs,

that sounded from our soil,

that defiled our mutual harmony,

and raped our generation,

with hideous hands of the unknown.


The wind wailed in self-pity,

The sky lamented in agony,

Justice neglected,

Crime ravaged,

And the cost of living exploded.


Common man wept uncommonly,

As famine continue to feed many,

With empty bowls of filthy fingers,

And suicide sings her ugly lullaby,

To lure the feeble minds to rest.


Where are the political Lords?

Like worm burrowing the soil,

They are busy looting,

Looting the nation’s treasury,

Robbing Peter to pay Paul.


Woe unto thee!

Those whose cup already overflowing, 

Flowing in blood, 

And agony of the masses.


Where’s the world’s pending swinging to?

My quill questioned my muse.

When will Mother-Earth be reborn?

When will this ravaging storm cross over?


For the tears, I shed.

For the blood,

I bleed on my canvas.

For the many I care for, 

For the many I write for,

For the many who hope,

to shine with the Sun,

and bathe in the blissful rain again.


© Aminu Femi Jamiu

All Right Reserved.



By Aminu Femi Jamiu


The very heart of Nigeria you are,

Displaying her historical relics

Where the great rush of River Niger kisses that of Benue

In you, the face of Floral Shaw, Lugard linger in the museum

As monuments of great histories

Coined in wonder, of those ancestral artefacts

And the iron of liberty

That symbolize the abolition of slavery

In you, Nigeria begot

No wonder!

You dignify your soil

With tombs of Her colonial masters

Great are your ancestors

The home of heroes and heroine

A free rendezvous of all travellers

The beauty of your mount Patti attracts attention

Like a flower; a swarm of bees

You’re the Nigeria in micro mileage


Like the unity of the seven colors of the rainbow

You speak three languages as one

The sun burns like hell, towering in your sky

And your breeze brings chillness

Like the freezing snow of Harmattan

Your wrinkled terrains tell great stories

As you sit on a valley’s table

With your arms embracing the Futa Jallon highland  

What a centre of attention you are!

The cynosure of a wonderful confluence.



Aminu Femi Jamiu is an  Internationally recognized, Award – Winning Nigerian Poet, Author, Editor,  Social Activist, International Ambassador Of Peace, Universal Icon Of Poetry, recipient of several National and International Awards, including the Gujarat Sahitya academy award India, World Union of Poets “Icon Of Peace award 2021”, e.t.c. He was born on 26th October 1994.

He is an HND holder of Biochemistry from Kogi State Polytechnic, lokoja, Nigeria. And he is a chemistry, physics and mathematics teacher.

Femi has authored two English poetry book “Poetry Pearls” and “Cosmic Voice” (The International Anthology of Contemporary Global Poets), co-author of 20 Anthologies. His poems have been published in many Magazines, Journals, E-zines and Newspapers. His poems have been translated into many International languages. Recently his poem has been published in Guinness World Record holding Anthology (Hyperpoem). He has been featured as one of the World’s Contemporary Poet. He’s the founder and president of the international literary online platform “Home of Global Writers.

Femi is currently working on an Anthology title “The Poetic Canvas” (The World Poets Anthology), with aim to feature Poets across the whole countries in the world.


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