The North Star (Polaris)

By Hillol Ray


I try to be your young pen pal, as your beauty haunts me,

And my soul dances like a peacock with impending rain-

But you wink at me to hide under far away clouds,

And my efforts to smooch your cheeks go in vain!

When you change your gown, behind the rainbow,

My voice chokes, sobs, and quivers in utmost joy-

Like a little child, I lift my tiny arms towards you,

And press you hard on my bosom as a favorite toy!


The birds and owls want to sing lullaby in my ears,

With your sweet beams gleaming around the neck-

But I tell them no, as you belong only to me to caress,

And they leave me alone with a mere cold handshake!

Now you, my pen pal, allow me to speak in deep silence,

As you’re coming down to Earth to give me a lover’s kiss-

And I will reciprocate with hug, upholding my coffee mug,

Loaded with my poems and say: I love you without a hiss!!



May 7, 2024

© Copyright May 7, 2024, by Hillol Ray


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