Rabia Begum was born 29th June, India (State Assam, city: Guwahati, Noonmati).
Educational qualifucation : BA (ECONOMICS), B.SC. (Information Technology), MA (Literature), MBA (Marketing), D.EL.ED
Profession: Teacher by profession, Citizen Scientist by passion, anchoring, news readerand poet by hobby.
Teacher – A Hope of New Beginning
Teacher – A Ray of Fresh Shimmering
The Power of Wisdom
The Mastery on Intelligence
Gives A Luminous Upliftment
Ample an Explicit Enhancement.
Obstacles comes
To Conclude The Darkness
Struggle involves
To Greet the Dazzling Light.
And Risks Relate to Acquire
The Victory.
But ‘TEACHER’ – A Nation Bulider
‘TEACHER’ – A Royal Challenger
To Shape the Life Of
To Construct The Mind Of
Till the Eternity
For Discovering an Ability.
Wishes hold on
For an unbearable journey
But desire drives you
To glance a new voyage
To commence a new entity.
Obstacles may vanish your credence
But courages conquer your gloom,
Tears may offer you distress
But smile can afford
A pleasant Mind
That comes after a long defeat
With yourself only.
Dream carries you
to touch your identity
Faith assist you
to build your triumph of own kingdom.
Neat Heart may blossoms
“Your ingenuity”
Which will enlighten
The power of your intent reasoning.
Sitting on the rocky shore
Tranquil State of Mind,
Generate sn aspiration
With a twinkling Destination.
Prepared Angela Kosta Academic, journalist, writer, poet, essayist, literary critic, editor, translator.

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