Root Finder Writer Shakil Kalam was born on December 3, in Feni district in Bangladesh. He received two Master’s Degree in Governance Studies from University of Dhaka. He has completed a diploma course on IAS and IFRS from the Institute of Chatered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB).
Shakil Kalam
Mostly, he is renowned as Central Banker, Corporate Governance and Internal Audit Specialist, Researcher, Poet, Translator, Columnist as well as Child-Litterateur. Now engaged in a research foundation as a Honourary research fellow and consultant at financial sectors.
He was engaged as a Deputy General Manager in the central bank of Bangladesh. He attends as a key-note speaker in the seminar, symposium and discussion meeting at Dhaka University and other private universities. His book “A Handbook of Corporate Governance in Bangladesh” and “Comprehensive Articles on Financial Sectors in Bangladesh” are enlisted as reference books and taught in several universities including University of Dhaka.
Shakil Kalam started writing since his boyhood. The author has personally tried to discuss various inconsistencies, inequalities, disillusion, hypocrisy, human suffering and the degradation of human moral and social values in his writings.
He relentlessly tried to grasp the Liberation War of Bangladesh and it’s also brought diversity in his writings.
In a word, it can be said Liberation War and social issues have been the main elements of his writing. But in recent times, new dimensions have come in his writings. In his scathing writings, politics, economics, cultural aggression, economic class discrimination, social values, scarcity of democratic values and culture, lack of democratic governance and deficiency of institutionalization of democracy vigorously highlighted. Moreover, spirituality have come massively to the foreside as well.
He has been writing stories, poems, rhymes, essays, columns as well as translated articles of different languages. His published book numbers are more than thirty-nine as well as these are the best sellers. His poems translated in different languages like Tamil, Nepalese, Indonesian, Italian, Hindi, Urdu Romanian, Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Portuguese, Filipino, Turkey, Swahili (Kenyan Language), Tajik (Tajikistan), Assamese (India), Chinese, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Sindhi language, Odia (Indian language), Albanian and published various newspapers over the world like Bharath Vision, Creatividad, Williwash. Create Bridge Magazine,, Azhar,, Kapan Baneshowar and English to com, Atunis Galactica, Literoma magazine, Sohu News of China, Kolhehamon magazine and Cuvant Romanesc, Children magazin, Revista Poetiva Azhar, Prodigy Magazine. His poems included in different anthologies like Poets Unity World of Motivational Strips’ Antholog, PLIS Anthology Volume-1, The New Dawn, The Passion of Poetry Anthology Volume-1, Flowers of Love, Whispers of Soflay Volume-4, Gage D’ Amour: Token of Love, Hymn of Global, Flowers of Love, Modern Writers, Thoughts in Words, Compassion Save the World over the world Soflay 5 anthologies.
Once upon a time he was engaged national daily The Banglar Bani and weekly magazine like Meghna, Robber, Bechitra, Labonno, Ajker Katha, Chitrakolpo and Chitrabangla etc.
He has participated in several radio and in Bangladesh Television ( BTV) programs like recreational and dramas. Once upon a time, he had acted.
He attends different seminar, symposium, conference and discussion meeting as a key-note speaker in various public and private universities. His textual books are listed and taught as reference books in Dhaka University, Independent University and banking sectors in Bangladesh.
He has traveled India, Pakistan, Bhutan, Dubai, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia to participate in the seminar, symposium and conferences.
He has participated in several radio programs. Of these, the names of literary programs, Annaysha, Kalokakoli, agricultural program and Uttoron are particularly noteworthy as well as his written dramas preached in national radio.
Besides, he has participated in various programs like “Kathamala” and dramas in the Bangladesh Television.
He received various awards, certificates and honour from different international literary groups. Recently he achieved “Order of Shakespeare Medal- 2021” and “Gujarat Sahittya Academy Award-2021” and World Welfare Council’s prize “Global Prestigious Award-2021” on the eve of Mohatma Gandhi Joyanti 2021.
Moreover, he is the founder and administrator of the literary community group SahityaPata. He is also the Vicr President of International Human Rights Commission, Bangladesh Chapter. He is the International Ambassador for the Chamber of Writers and Artists in Spain as well as member of International English literary journal’s Advisory Board of “ENGLIT” and “Unending Quest.” He is the members of Dhaka University Political Science and Master in Governance Studies Alumni Associations.
Somewhere, someone told me a story,
Wherever you go, you will see
People have gone there
Everywhere human shadows fall on.
Which is the big one? Man or the shadow?
That is because the shadow itself grows up.
Why will people grow up?
The shadow of people goes big as time goes by
At some point the light rays absorb it
Which is all that enters into the human body.
The shadowless people live for a fleeting
The longer shadow makes people timeless.
That man told me an amazing story.
The orange moon hangs in the eastern sky
The infatuated poet stares blankly.
The long shadow in the reservoir next to the railway line
He is busy settling the accounts of life.
The orange moon counts the hour of the period.
After a while, milky-white moonlight will be spread
The whole world will be enlightened,
Will give himself up.
The poet also deals with his life
He moves towards the sunset of life
We are all going on the same path.
In the port of my suffering
You don’t anchor the ship of your happiness
I used to sit upto midnight let to illuminate me
With the light of your heavenly love
Because you would come to my aesthetic yard.
The salty taste of blue pain in my dreamy land
Because you are missing in my canvas
The chewing of memory goes on endlessly
As clotted like a dark cloud.
I live on the shore of the ocean of sorrows
Melted moonlight touches me.
You will come very soon.
Before the golden glow spread around me,
Shadowy light in darkness.
You and I will be lost
Holding hands far and far away,
In my dreamy amaranth,
And in the transparent waterbody’s lake.
What a long delay!
Polaris are sparkling, and
Charles’s Wain is shining
In the corners of the sky for billions of years.
Across the longest way of the waiting,
Now she is very tired.
The planets are moving in its orbit with diurnal and annual speed cycle.
The foliage is only growing and growing —
Still now the flower is awaiting with It’s expectation;
For sepals, allium, pistils, stamens, pistal and so on.
Recently, another tree has been growing amazingly
The tree will be yield something
Though nothing is fructifying.
Yet man waits for a fruitful tree.

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