Nina Lys Affane
Nina Lys Affane, French teacher, writer-poet and correspondent in the written press, has published several books and a very large number of press articles in newspapers, (in socio-economic, scientific and cultural), she carried the voice of the Algerian Francophonie and took part in cultural festivities and literary / poetic conferences in Algeria and around the world, where it was awarded, distinguished and honored. writing represents for Nina Lys Affane, a way of freedom to shape and rebuild, a world of love of peace and tolerance.
 His texts are translated into several languages ​​as well, We find his books in the biggest universities and libraries around the world (BNA Paris) France), Algerian, USA: Illinois university, Prinston university, New Jersey university, Beirut university, in Morocco , in Tunisia, Turkey …
Books by Nina Lys Affane:
1- “In talks with love” 2011: 140 pages, art edition (the rent) the money from all the books sold paid and donated by Nina lys to the cancer patient,
 2- “At the edge of time” ANEP edition (Algeria)
135 pages, (dedicated sale at the Paris Book Fair in 2016 and 2017)
3- 137 pages “Confession”, published in 2017 by Dar moulaf Beyrouth (Lebanon), book sale, in Beirut, Paris, Algiers book sale and book rent paid for the association of hereditary anemia patients (2019)
 4- “Crash of the senses” 2018, words color edition, Montreal (Canada) 100pages
 5- “Havre des sens 2018” book edited in collaboration with writers from around the world (in Montreal) Canada
 6-Chosen from among 50 poets for an anthology of female creation published in Bulgaria for the capital of European culture) Plovdiv 2019
7-Participation with several texts in a book by North African Mediterranean writers, under the theme “Migration” book published and distributed in Canada,
8-Also, Nina Lys Affane, participated with poems, in several anthologies of poet writers (sometimes in solidarity with the sick) published: Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Romania, France, Portugal, Canada…
 “Confessions”, 2017
  “Haven of the senses”, 2016
 “Crash of the senses”, 2018
 “Shore of oblivion”, 2023
I arrive at the castle
Where the dark secret nestles
Nothing of the joy of a thatched cottage
Continuing my
I cross the deserted courtyards
And I stop for a moment
Amazed at looking at the old walls
Moldy or hang ivy
the broken windows of the building
Strange and lonely
The leaves were dotted
The threshold of the iron door entrances
I entered the castle
I turned on all the lights
I lit the stone walls
I crisscrossed like a horsewoman
In search of the enigma and the mystery
I found a treasure that belonged
To warriors ..
By living this atmosphere
I plunged into ancient times
Like a dreamy dreamer
By a river
Swimming in astonished water
Unique and unique
Suddenly! …
A witch appears
I fought evil
He regressed back
With boldness
I gave you the crown
You became like yesterday
Various sacrifices were needed
I can’t help it .. the law is the law
I risk punishment
The danger is immense
I risk accomplishing
My last prayer
I came to your rescue
Like a torch lightning
In the dream I heard
Your screams your screams
Reaching me from hell
I am a privateer of the castle
And of his belonging his proud homeland
Come with me
Let’s quickly desert this castle …
I don’t admit leaving you behind in this center
earth sickness
I have shown you my sincerity
My devotion
The poet…
is Fire alight
A strange
In the infinite space
His mirror thoughts
So his lost breath
Good morning
mysteries mysteries
In the grey
in the dark
In cottage house
Excite buried memories
in the drawers
He is a vibrant bohemian
With his letters
Crazy on the brink of frivolousness but wise.
The silent voice
of my verses
And the locked up speech
In my stones
Sculpture a flower
for Humanity
of the earth
With words
Invent a world
A door opens
It is the door of peace
The buried setbacks
For ever
A governed world
by Morphée
In this world of peace
A cloud of milk colors
A zephyr of sweetness
Smooth breeze, heal wounds
I think of the sick, the vulnerable, the poor in this word
I feel like I’m in a war!
Against something we hardly know!
I am sad for the whole of humanity!
I’m here to help you
if you need it … I’m ready to give you a hand,
Where you are in any nation
any corner …
I will help in any way!
I know !
when life becomes less beautiful
And a life so wicked so cruel!
so find in us the strength of kindness which is like a sun
Know that the most effective remedy
Lies in us, and in the heart of the other
and his
The love of those close to the human being in us
and their support
is the sweetest of the affections for the tomorrows
When illness knocks on the door, you have to know how to find happiness
illness, hard test that brings us back to basics
Being sick is a sign that reminds us that nothing is forever
Invite in oneself hope and hope so that the pain so intense ceases
Illness teaches us that living in good health is a wonder
Know how to appreciate the present time and love yours at all times
Only solidarity and Faith in God
Faith in Love can save us and heal …
Illness certainly carries a lesson
A lesson in life that will transform us into great
Courage and persistence are the best of doctors and medicines that do good
heal and regain the good health of humanity
This pandemic, a test, an intense fight to fight and we will win by arming ourselves with solidarity!
We must love to live and live to love
Courage, I think of you sick every moment, every moment!
Certainly, soon we will celebrate together the happiness and the flowers of a new Spring…

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