DEMAJ SHYRETE was born in 1974 in Peshkopi (Albania) where she studied until high school. The desire to write was born in her youth. Shyrete has written many poems that inspire them: about life, love, family and social issues. His future project is to publish them in a collection of poems. His poems have been translated and published in various languages. She is a member of the Writers’ League in Hungary where she was given the certificate of recognition.
Shyrete currently lives in Prizren, Kosovo.
You do not know
How does that feel…
When the oak of hope to turn to ashes
yes, in that ash, the new sprouts sprout again…
You do not know!
what is it to broke dreams like kindlingss,
with those kindlings to set the fire of love
You do not know!
How to turn the crying into song…
And with the tears, to create a see
To give life to the love…
You do not know!
What is the bearing of the salt in the eye
not to scream that this was your destiny
You do not know!
You don’t know what it is when your heart is broken and turned to stone…
Back from the stone to the living again.
Just for the love…

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