Jadranka Bjedov was born in Pula, Croatia. She lives in Zaječar, Serbia, where she has been teaching English at the Secondary School of Economics and Trade.
Jadranka Bjedov
She graduated in English language and Literature from the University of Niš, Serbia, and has been writing poetry for a long time.
Her poems have been published in numerous international printed and online magazines and poetry collections together with other poets.
She has published three books of her poetry:
” A voice at daybreak” – 2016.
” Evil eye “- 2019.
” A three with the sense of hearing and sight” – 2022.
She has also been writing short stories. Some of them have been published in a few online magazines in Serbia.
Further, she has been translating poetry from English into Serbian, as well as, from Serbian into English. Some of her translations have been published in Serbian and international printed and online magazines.
She is a member of The Association of Writers of Serbia.
A tiny voice
From the shell
I hear,
Don’ t close
I am here,
Your voice
From time
I am coming back
From timeless space,
Don’ t close
I am here
You will hear
When I strongly
Touch your ear.
From timeless space
I am flying back
When the day
No walls has my room
Any more
With the window
In the middle
The building is here
Made of thoughts
Instead of walls
And the table
And the bed
And the pictures
And the silent hour
In this place
Without walls
Mother Mary
Above my head
With little Christ
In her arms
God has also
Been here before
But at this very moment
I can hear His presence
Since there are no walls
Any more
Once upon a time
In the period
Of no time
You and me
Used to be
It struck my mind
The very moment
I heard your soul
Singing out of mine
Hasn’ t it shouted yet?
Fly over
All this time
Of ours
Get back
To the hours
Before any time
Clearly, you’ ll hear
Out of one
You and me
Used to sing

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