Poet Mujë
Poet Mujë Buçpapaj was born in Tropoja, Albania (1962). He graduated from the branch of Albanian Language and Literature, University of Tirana (1986). In the years 1991-1992, he studied for two years for feature film script at Kinostudio “Alshqiperia e Re”, Tirana, today “Albafilmi” (considered as post-master’s studies), as well as completed many other qualifications of the cultural spectrum in country and abroad. Mujë Buçpapaj is a doctor of literary sciences with a thesis on the survival of Albanian poetry during the communist censorship, defended at the Institute of Linguistics and Literature of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Albania. He is one of the founders of political pluralism and the free press in Albania (1990) and a journalist for many years in the most popular newspapers in Tirana. He is the head of the literary and cultural newspaper “Nacional”, the “Nacional” Publishing House and the Studies and National Projects. In the years 1991-2005 he was co-founder and journalist of the first opposition newspaper in the country after 50 years of communist dictatorship “Rilindja Demokratike” and founder of the newspaper “Tribuna Demokratike.” In the years 2005-2009 he was the director of the International Cultural Center in Tirana, while in the years 2010-2014 he was the Director of the Albanian Copyright Office in Tirana. After the year 2014 and onwards, he took charge of the “Nacional” Publications and the “Nacional” newspaper.
Currently, he is also a lecturer at “Luarasi” University in Tirana, where he teaches the subject of Academic Writing.
Buçpapaj is one of the most prominent exponents of contemporary Albanian poetry with the greatest national and international success, respectively published in several foreign languages and honored with several prestigious international awards from Greece to the USA and one of the most prominent managers of culture in the country. Drafter of cultural policies.
He is the organizer and leader of many international conferences held in Tirana on the problems of art, literature and copyright.
He is the author of many study books on literature and poetics, but also of hundreds of journalistic writings, criticisms, essays, studies including those on regional problems, national security as well as on the management of art in market conditions, cultural policies and national strategy. of culture. He is known as one of the strongest public debaters on the problems of the Albanian transition, regional political developments, and democracy as a whole. He is the founder of the newspaper/magazine “Nacional” and its director. He lives, works and creates in Tirana, together with his wife and two daughters.
Colour of Northern storm
River winds portrait
Into standing trees
Man built
The other side of life and river
Between rain and field
But wind will have its say
Village’s messages
Distant mountains
Receiving flying bird
From marshes
Dreams fleeing
Village’s sad face
Losing forever the way
To the trembling of the Populars
Season of my home
Winds winding reminding
We are found againg
Our dream
That freedom lost
In war won once
Resting here
Broken spirit of victory
Smoking wood of living tree
Fire in the city
Rushing through
Wind’s blazing window
Here rests our freedom
To enter our world
Dream now only
No hands reaching
Sunset shuttering
Upon our invisible jail
We return to our ruins
Where Freedom was buried
We eat it
From our poems
We will have it
The day we defeated fear
Field of solitude remaining
Ripe corn
Sprouting from children’s hands
Sun falling in marsh
Writing in vapour
Blowing wind
The girl giving in
In tall grass
Shrouded only by shadow
Love coming
From begging
Unspoken victories
Do not exist
But Harvesting
Is in forgetting waters
Not enough
For Men
For Men
To do good.

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