Daniel de Culla

Image from poet of this poem

When an angel Gabrielito

Came to bring Joseph the embassy

That his beloved virginal Mary

Had become pregnant

He, without eating or drinking it

Tought of that apple worm

That fell to the Mary’s

Mount of Venus

Sleeping peacefully

Under an apple tree, without panties.

-Don’t worry, Joseph.

Do not be troubled; do the favor

Well you are worthy of God

And from now

You will be praised by cuckolds.

One day watching

To his beautiful beloved

That her belly was growing

He couldn’t help but cry

As he remembered

Which, on one occasion

His beloved charm told him :

-That she would never touch

Men’s high flute

Nor would she ever put

That carnal stick

Through the vagina or the arsehole.

-What is this I see

My pregnant wife

And me without tasting it?

What won’t people say¡

Joseph tells Mary

At start time

Because of a Roman Emperor’ census:

-Have you prepared the basket

That should you carry on your arm?

They are already starting to walk

To look for a room

Where Mary can expand

To give birth.

Joseph seems so happy

Pulling the donkey’s girth

Where Mary is riding astride.

Through stables and corrals, in Belén

They are looking for a room

Until they meet a farmer

Mary asking him:

-Farmer, are there rooms around here?

-Well yes, I leave you my block

So that you, madam

Can give birth happily.

But be careful

Do not censure the child

Well Herod, a big serial killer

Doesn’t stop killing them

That he is not going behind

How many serial killers

There is in the World.

The creature that was born

Was a beauty.

They placed him in a barn

Just cutting Joseph

The umbilical cord with teeth.

-Happy me! Joseph exclaimed

Even though he wasn’t Mary’s man.

The next few days

Farmer came to see them

Telling them:

-Flee; go to Egypt

Because Herod’s soldiers

Are staining the houses and streets

With children’s corpses’ blood

Searching for the not listed; yours.

And, moreover, because my wife

Said yesterday to a soldier who asked her:

-What signs do those people have?

She answered him:

-The woman is very beautiful

And the child she has given birth is a sun.

Her husband is a little taller

With the appearance of being

Somewhat older

Worthy and with fair appreciation

That has nothing to do with the born.

Soldier threw out renegades

So furious he got

That, at the moment of cumming into my wife

He took off

Cumming against the dresser

Talking this way:

-The order that I have

It is to catch them prisoners

Take them before Herod

And cut off the child’s head

That it gives him joy

And he cums with pleasure

Seeing childish blood on the run.

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