Niginabonu Amirova

The teacher is said to be greater than the father.
So dear to me ,
To describe them canʼt find words
My teachers are different.

No wealth in his hands ,but love in his heart,
Magic in the word he gives us,
I canʼt find a single bit of anger from
myself ,
My teachers have a different opinion .

Those who put their profession above everthing else ,
Those who joke when we hurt their hearts ,
Those who love a child ,
My teacherʼs lenguage is different.

My future is his perfection ,
Read that you are my beauty ,
Every year there are many new sprouts ,
My teachers work differently .

He says that you are the seed that I planted .
He says that you should not be tired after reading .
He just says donʼt be left behind .
The word ʼʼ my teachersʼʼ is different.

It is mistake to say that a teacher is not a gardener.
Iʼts mistake to say that you donʼt hate your teacher .
Teachers look at the crown on your head ,
As you know ,the teacher is different in the world .

Niginabonu Amirova

Young representative

of Uzbekistan of KKE

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