Ms. Veronica Roma Pingol hails from Dasmariñas, Cavite, Philippines. She is a Filipina blessed with a beautiful daughter named Louella. Currently, she resides in Hong Kong as an empowered woman and serves as the founder of United Poets @ Hearts and author of her debut solo book, titled “Night Butterfly & Bolder Soul.
Veronica is a child advisor for the Glory Future Foundation in Bangladesh. Furthermore, she serves as an International Editor for Migospecta, Homagi, Christian Global magazines, and journals. Veronica has been featured across multiple multimedia platforms, including television, radio, newspapers, websites, magazines, and various book anthologies.
She actively participates
As a responsible citizen and multitasker,
Her ultimate desire is to create a better world for everyone, encouraging confidence in embracing the realities of life and fostering optimism without prejudice.

Veronica’s famous words of wisdom encapsulate her philosophy: “Chase your dreams, work for them, be yourself, and strive to become the best version of yourself.”


Veronica Roma Pingol
A k.a Nightbutterfly
Author/Founder/Advisor/Intl Editor & Ambassadress

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