Nilufar Rukhillayeva: Studentship is a golden opportunity. In order to come to such moments, we tried not to sleep at night or woke up very early from a sweet morning sleep. Enrollment does not mean the end of difficulties, on the contrary, it indicates the beginning of difficulties to acquire world knowledge.

I was a student for 1 year in the department of foreign language and literature: English language at the Faculty of Foreign Philology of the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek. First year is about to say goodbye to me. This course taught me not only the lessons of higher education, but also the lessons of life.
I have teachers who have been with me and with us during the 1st year educational processes, who tried hard to teach me everything they know.
Kumush Noraliyeva is my teacher who taught me to be determined, to approach every job responsibly, sometimes to be very strict, sometimes to be gentle.
The first time I had a conversation with this teacher, I hated it because she was rude. However, the second time I started talking, I felt that this teacher would teach us something. During the lessons, I offended my teacher, of course, when I was young! I apologize for writing this!
In addition, I have a teacher, Malika Sadikovna, who won my heart with her sincerity and stealth.
Very quiet, kind, humble and real lecturer.
Although I met and became close at the end of the year, it would be a mistake if I did not mention another teacher of mine, Munojot Abdullayeva.
Fire, a woman rich in energy, a teacher.
A real enthusiastic teacher who never says “no” and sees everything and the best.
I have many characteristics and examples from my teachers, although I cannot write about all of them, I will list their names: I.Osarov, Z.Mengniyozova, N.Gofurova, B.Ibratov, R.Ahmadjonov, etc.
In this place of knowledge, there are many teachers who can be an example to a student who wants to become a teacher.
I love my university, my faculty and my teachers.

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