Sindarova Mushtariy

So many years have passed always
To distinguish white from black you taught
You took us from the life of ignorance
Teacher forgive your ignorant student, it’s our fault

You spent much time for us
And we made upset teacher
It is not enough to thank you from us
Forgive your student,teacher.

Sometimes I couldn’t justify your trust
I wish I could see your joy all the time
Write these words in your heart always
Teacher forgive your stupid students.

You taught me what’s the life
You didn’t punish me when I spoke without thinking things
It is true that you are late to your class without giving reasons
Teacher forgive your lying students

Sindarova Mushtariy Anvar’s daughter. She was born on June 14,2007 in the town of Obodyol,Gallaorol district,Jizzakh region. Currently,she is a 9th grade student of the 2nd school in Gallaorol district.


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