Guzal Sunnatova

what’s wrong with me
I don’t understand myself.
He doesn’t come from crying
My eye that always shines.

If I hold a pen in my hand,
Inspiration never fails.
I don’t know where the sadness goes
He always comes in late at night.

A poet also needs a little pain
Write and draw to your heart’s content.
Sometimes it’s black and white
Umidin to say on paper.

On the streets of Oshal Ijad
I finished before I started.
It was thoughtless, my enemy
I was filled to the brim with licorice.

I don’t know, I don’t know
What is happening to me
I only found out a little late
My love is dying…



Guzal Sunnatova Shuhrat’s daughter was born on January 12, 2007 in Republic of Uzbekistan. She has been practicing writing poetry since her 12 years old. Her poems regularly published in newspapers and magazines such as “Mushtum”, “Gulkhan”, “Guncha”, “Bilag’on”, “Bulbulcha”. Guzal Sunnatova published her poems on book of collection “Gallalar orolida”, “Yosh ijodkorlar” and her riddles on various topics have also published collection of ”Riddles”. She is winner of more than 20 republican competitions. Her future goals are become writer and ambassador.

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