Al Hasan Milad is a Bangladeshi author, entrepreneur, founder and CEO of International Technology of Bangladesh.


He was born on February 11, 2000. And passed HSC in 2020 from Syed Nabib Ali College and currently studying LLB in Metropolitan University. Al Hasan Milad started working in digital platform after HSC pass and gradually progressed. Then he established International Technology of Bangladesh on April 09, 2022. Currently, he is working on creating ideas along with writing. The name of Al Hasan Milad’s first book was Struggle, which has already become a bestseller on several well-known platforms in the world. When asked about International Technology of Bangladesh from Al Hasan Milad, he said, most of my clients are popular people of Bangladesh, besides there are many popular people outside the country. Al Hasan Milad said I try to make my clients work very perfectly and I am very popular with all my clients and my clients never work from any other company.

Al Hasan Milad said about the innovators, to be an innovator, you must first develop an entrepreneurial mind. The key to being a successful entrepreneur is the answer to this question that every entrepreneur is constantly looking for. What to do to be a successful entrepreneur? In fact, successful entrepreneurs can say the motto of being a successful entrepreneur. Practical knowledge is more important than book knowledge.

If you don’t want to work under someone, want to be your own boss, a slave to achieve your goals and see yourself in the seat of an entrepreneur no matter whatThere are many people in the world who want to be entrepreneurs but very few can be, to be more specific, only 10% of people can be entrepreneurs. And the main reason behind this is lack of proper guidelines, hard work, patience and perseverance.

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