Parvej Husein Talukder: The word “mother” in the life is a complete poem that rhythmic forever. Dreams, emotions, love and feelings etc. are hidden in this word Nandit. The relationship between a child and a mother is the most sacred of all relationships in the world, surpassing the closeness of the relationship between sky and blue. The happiness hidden in a mother’s bosom is truly heavenly. According to the Qur’an, the child’s paradise is under the mother’s feet. From mother we learn to speak, learn morals. I first wrote the word holding my mother’s hand, I knew the rhythm by cutting rhymes on my mother’s lips. Mother mainly A gift from god. As a mother loves and cares for her child more than herself, children should care for their mother as much. Be it for any reason, being away from mother is bad luck. I am also one of that group. One has to stay more than 100 km away from mother for education. Every morning when I wake up I remember my mother very much. For a teenager like me who is clinging to his mother’s breast, it is like an ocean of tears. I write letters to my mother in the morning and afternoon on the pages of the diary. Tears often fall while remembering mother. When the mother suddenly wakes up late at night, the question arises in Anmana’s heart, is the mother also awake? Is he upset without me? Or calling me? Do she crying? Every night in my dreams, my mother answers the letters written in my diary. Those who live away from their mothers know the pain of being away from them. Without mother, all the happiness of life is mixed with sadness. Those whose mother is not alive in the world understand how much peace, joy or hope it is to have a mother alive. Respect and love to all the mothers of the world.

Parvej Husen Talukder

Editor in Chief, Kavya Kishor English


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