Fertilizers of ABU ALI IBN SINO

  1. Science is the study of things with the help of the human mind.
  2. Wisdom is a tool that prepares and bestows great happiness on the paths of life.
  3. The balance of the behavior ensures the health of the organs.
  4. May your wealth deceive you! Because the wealth you save will be the property of others. It will be yours only if you can use it for good.
  5. The most useful and enlightening thing for a person is satisfaction. The most harmful and hateful thing is anger and rage.
  6. The beauty of helping is that people find comfort in it.
  7. If a person makes a mistake in his relationship with you and then apologizes, accept his apology without delay!
  8. If there were no dust and smoke in the air, people would have lived for a thousand years.

Translated by: Baratov Quvonchbek

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