My Success

Nozima Gofurova

It’s interesting… Someone causes every person to rise, grow, find her place in society. I also have such people in my life. These are not one, but 4 people. The first: my favorite mother tongue and literature teacher, Sadiqova Hayotkhan. SHe gave me her knowledge from the 5th grade to the 11th grade. She shared their knowledge with me in every way, . In a word: she was my ideal woman. I looked up to her, because she was very smart and handsome for her age. It was only in the 11th grade that I really hurt my teacher. Even then, I apologized, only superficially. I sincerely apologize right now. If you are reading this article, please forgive me, my dear teacher. The second is Jonuzakova Dilbarkhan, a history teacher. My teacher is so enthusiastic, proud, speaks the right words, has a fire in her heart that passes the lesson with all her heart, to be honest, there are few such teachers nowadays. There were also a few in our school. I thank my teacher for the advice she gave me, the sometimes bitter truths she told me. My dear teacher, stay healthy, I love you. The third is Kakilova O’ghiloy. My most honored, favorite, incomparable in beauty, English teacher. I was not very interested in English. Thanks to this teacher, I fell in love with English. Every word my teacher said was a law for me. She used to explain the lessons in such a simple and clear way that she would never forget those lessons for the rest of her life. I even had my teacher’s lessons in my dreams. My dear teacher, who is unmatched in both beauty and intellect, the whole district and province. I had got my teacher such as clever and pictureque. I love her very much. I respect my teacher. I want her to be proud of me in the future. Teacher trust me. Finally, the fourth person. I can’t say much about this person. Because the person who made me interested in studying and life in general and taught me to set goals and go towards them is my aunt: Isaqova Sevara. I can’t thank you enough.As, To tell the truth, My aunt think about my future more than my parents. She want me to be smart, a millionaire and a master of my profession in the future. It helps me in many ways, both culture and spiritually. I am proud to have such wonderful and unique people in my life. My life is beautiful with these people. Thank you all for all this my dears.


Nozima Gofurova, She was born in Andizhan on June 6, 2004.  A reporter,  contributing to the UNICEF U-REPORT Project.

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