Your eyes are like wild roses

Your eyes are the song of love stories

Still on the streets of the city

I hear your footsteps

I go to the street every day

I date myself

Three o’clock in the afternoon

on the time of your smile…

my love!

You are the moon of sunset of my eyes

You are the bride of my poems

You are the homeland of my poems

my love!

come soon

because of your love

I will be hanged.

my love!

I am sad

I weared a black shirt

And I cry over my corpse

when you are not Beside Me.


Hamid Nazarkhah Alisaraei (Adonis Dodestani), poet, writer, storyteller, journalist, popular culture researcher, was born in 1978 in Kuchsafahan city (Iran). After obtaining a diploma in the field of cultural affairs management, he succeded in obtaining a bachelor’s degree. He was a member of the founding committee and responsible for Kochsefahan poetry and literature association from 2002 to 2007. He is also the founder and head of the “Kochsafahan” group from 2011 to the present day. Nazarkhah has officially started his press activity since 2005 with local newspapers in northern Iran, Gilan. During his student days, he printed and published the magazine ” bloom ” in both Gilaki and persian languages as the license and responsible manager. He is now the head of Gil Kochsefahan Institute of Culture. Nazarkhah she published her first poetry book in 2018 in Gilaki language with Persian translation under the title ” wind Lullaby ” by Gil and Dilam publishing houses In 2021, Nazarkhah was the organizer and secretary of the first edition of the National Short Story Festival (Alisaraei Award) in both free and special sections of Corona. His poems and writings are printed and published in written and electronic publications in Iran and other countries in Gilaki, persian , Arabic and English languages.


 Hamid Nazarkhan Lisaraye

 ( Adonis Dudestani )


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