Forgive Us God

By Dr. Salah Uddin Russel

Forgive us God
Take us in your mercy
You’re our Lord
Make us our accuracy

We’re from you
Came to this earth
Let you must know
Our death and birth

We’re on your command
And throw us away
You fill up our demand
If we ask from your ray

We’re on test in our life
By the you on versatality
Life goes on & have to wipe
From the sufferings in reality

We know one thing as truth
You make sufferer whom you like
It’s a term of patience growth
That you impose on life bike

The more you make us sufferers
The more we’re devoted
We’re not afraid of the purifiers
That you fixed to us accredited

Let’s find peace from your greatness
As you gifted the life to us
Let’s try to find the happiness
Where you glorify kind canvas.

There is no power but one
This is you God whom we worship
We’ll return to you but none
So let you reward our hardship.

Everyone has life time here
And all of us are mortal
We’re bound to you to hear
To respond the call of eternal

Just let you permit our death
With our strong religious belief
We’re anytime ready to adore wreath
That you fixed us as true relief

Let you forgive all of our sin
That knowingly or unknowingly done
Don’t throw us to cursed bin
And permit us to heavenly run

Give us strength if we lost dearest
We can’t deny our universal destiny
Let you provide patience in nearest
If we’re detached from life harmony

Dr. Salah Uddin Russel

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