Celebrate Your Life

By Haroon Rashid

Among many, very few
touch you in your soul
And other’s only see your
skeletons, skin and flesh
and among them are those fewest
who move you away, to your land
through your land
where you meet yourself,
feeling your own soul
and then you don’t long for
you get to know where you belong for
now you know meeting people is love
perhaps meeting oneself a blessing from above
for this feeling you always have waited for
to you this is even more precious
than diamond or gold
now all your life you will be happy and young
even you become frown and old.
so don’t you ever feel shy
just keep the spirits high
happiness waiting
feelings stimulating
vibes reciprocating
see yourself in the eyes
now no more cries
reach to all your
mountains, seas and endless skies
this is your life, keep celebrating .

Р© Haroon Rashid


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