Focus on people and quality education

Nilufar Ruxiliayeva

A nation with high human value, Children of perseverance, In the neighborhood, the spirit is also an example Thank you beautiful hospitable land! Homeland! Homeland is a word stronger than mountains, stronger than floods, bright as morning, beautiful as paradise.

Nilufar Ruxiliayeva

Homeland, you are my first pain, you are my first rain. My roads to school are my tandoor at the edge of the yard. , my neighborhood where you play with dust is a cotton field, you are my motherland. You are my passionate love and hot feelings, my motherland. You are the closest and most inspiring topic to the hearts of creative people. From an old willow cradle The world that began I love you without making any claims. One day my sister One day my mother- Homeland, Who you are I love without knowing! We must love and appreciate the motherland, every inch of its soil, we must cherish it. We must love our motherland not for its r

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