Abulkasim Mamarasulov

Abulkasim Mamarasulov was born on February 5, 1958. In 1974-1979 he studied at the Samarkand State University named after Alisher Navoi. In the words of the famous writer Odil Yakubov, his heroes are living people. After all, the main task of literature is to create the image of living people, to artistically express the drama of their souls.

Abulkasim Mamarasulov
Translated by: Muqaddas MAMARASULOVA

Alibek returned from Samarkand without passing the university entrance exams. Honestly, he didn’t fail the exam. Looking sideways, there is no acquaintance who can easily admit Alibek to university without an exam. He lost his mind and applied to Samarkand University. Look at this! He doesn’t even know the letter “m” in mathematics, and he applied … After walking in Samarkand, realizing that the situation was not good, he returned his documents and went to Barlos.
Alibek’s village, grape picking was just beginning. Brigadier Nurali aka could not find an accountant. Seeing Alibek wandering down the street, he offered. “If you understand fourth-grade math, if you know addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, you can do it”, he said. Alibek wholeheartedly agreed. He was lucky. Accounting is a great job. You can make a lot of money in one season. Now he has agreed with brigadier Nurali aka and writes a salary for himself, his father (warehouse manager), his mother (housewife), his brother (student), his sister (she married one man who lived on the mountain two years ago, now she is feeding her baby), his sister (five years old), his brother ( in the cradle). There was a lot of money. The rest of the siblings work on their own. He can help them too. It works great. In addition, students of the Pedagogical College will soon come to work. That means fun. Life … Ninety percent of girls. When he falls in love with one of the girls, he meets every day, kisses, puts his head on her knees … it’s fun! … (The heart wants a lot, what do you say!). Last year, the village’s older boys were enjoyed. He was called a little schoolboy by the girls. Alibek was very upset. Two or three years older than Alibek, how the boys had arranged a meeting with the student girls, in the empty rooms … Eh-heh, you can’t stand it if you hear more. When it comes down to it, Alibek can’t control himself, his whole body is staring at his interlocutor, he feels that his appetite is great, but … – First they danced, and then a guy from there led a girl (God forgives if he lied!) This year, Alibek will do the same. Last year he was a little kid. He was a schoolboy. Now … he has grown up and, if necessary, visited Samarkand. Yes, Alibek is no ordinary man. Learned and understood a lot. In general, he will be with the girls (after all, he is an accountant!) When he tells a girl that I will pay you more, she runs to him. Alibek knows how to attract student girls. They have to follow a daily norm, which is not easy.
So … Alibek will help them.
When Alibek went to the vineyard to start work, his classmate Zulfiya was carrying a basket and picking grapes.
– Really, Alibek, are you back too? – he asked, smiling with gentle eyes. – Didn’t pass the exam?

Yes. To be honest, it was difficult to pass the exam. First you need an acquaintance to pass the university entrance exam, then you need money to give that acquaintance. If you don’t have both, give up hope of going to university. I knew that, I didn’t take the exam and I came back. What are you doing?
I’m working with Kurbanoy.
Filling two baskets with grapes, another classmate, Kurbanoy, came out of the row. Alibek also explained to him the reasons for his return.
Zulfiya has become a wonderful girl!
Or was Zulfiya like that before?
She looked like a rose! She looked at me very softly. I’m melting!
I wanted to hold her in my hand and smell her! I didn’t notice it when I was in school. Especially her stature! Great! Great !! She looked very nice to me. I wanted her to look again, I enjoyed it. Alibek was happy with his thoughts.
Why are you laughing? – Zulfiya was smiling politely.
I remember when we were in school, – said Alibek, still looking at the girl. You were little then.
What, have I grown up now?
Yes, you’ve become so beautiful!
Really? .. And you .. You went to Samarkand and changed for the worse! – Zulfiya tried to make a joke and could not hide her excitement. Her face flushed, and she put the grapes into the boxes and ran after Kurbanoy.
The girl was wearing a simple wide red floral dress, and the dress looked very pretty on the girl, making her neck beautiful. The two long-thrown pigtails moved in two directions, increasing Alibek’s pleasure. Alibek smiled and followed her. He realized that a delicious tremor had entered his body. He wondered how the words he was thinking came out of his mouth: “You have become so beautiful!” He was proud of his courage: “Did I go to Samarkand in vain? How much my life experiences have increased. Excellent! Very good! Zulfiya… It’s so beautiful! ” Alibek’s heart pounded as he imagined the girl in his arms for a minute. He thought about it all day. He waited for her to fill her basket every day. Zulfiya only went out with Kurbanoy. She must have told her friend what he said, and they both laughed at him. Especially Zulfiya’s smile was very gentle, pleasant… One day the girls screamed and ran out of the line. Alibek, who was walking around, asked, “What’s going on?” he said. The girls laughed out loud at themselves for their terrible fears. The bees were nesting on a large branch in the middle of the tree. It is pity that the twigs had been shaken while girls were picking the grapes, after this movement the bees chased them both away.

“Didn’t it sting?” – Alibek asked as a sponsor, holding Zulfiya’s hands and face. At the same time, he felt his heart pounding unbearably. He was so close to the girl that he almost hugged her. Zulfiya, who was still laughing, felt the boy’s excited trembling fingers and suddenly regained consciousness, but as if she didn’t feel anything, she laughed again and ran away without noticing.
Where is it? Show me! – Alibek was not afraid at all at that time.
He learned how to destroy beehives in the vineyard last year. If the nest fits in one hand, it should be pulled out and crushed. The bee can’t bite the palm. It does not affect the bite. If he is afraid, he can wear gloves. It’s even easier, holding the leaves and squeezing them …
As Alibek thought, he squeezed the bees with his palms and was very crushed. The girls stared in amazement. Alibek crushed them all, as if such things were his daily routine, and calmly threw them on the ground. At that moment, a bee crawled out of the shattered nest and bit Alibek’s face. He caught his face in pain. Zulfiya: “What happened?” She suddenly went to him. While the survivors were still crawling, Kurbanoy hurriedly kicked and killed them. All were dead but one or two of them escaped and lingered around Alibek for a long time. Alibek forgot that the most important thing is to kick the crushed nest immediately after throwing it on the ground.
Zulfiya put her left hand on Alibek’s shoulder, holding his eyes, took off her handkerchief with her right hand, spat out one end, and pressed it against the bee sting. After repeating the same treatment three or four times, she gave the handkerchief to Alibek and stood up. Alibek had previously paid no attention to the intensity of the pain. Just as the pain seemed to subside, happiness spread over his face, thinking that Zulfiya’s fluffy breasts were just touching his shoulders.
How are you? – She asked. She felt something, her eyes blinked happily, her cheeks flushed.
It’s all right, – said Alibek, getting up. He held Zulfiya’s palm for a few seconds as he gave her the handkerchief. Temperature ran through his body. Oh, now he wish the bee stings again … The boy agrees to sting by the bees eighty-eight times to keep her arms long. Zulfiya did not take her hand and stared at him with joy. Alibek couldn’t stand it, he let go of his hands. Unable to bear the girl’s gaze (even if he was a boy!), He evaded his eyes. He began to tremble again. Finally the girl picked up her hand and went down to continue picking grapes. When she said something to Kurbanoy, they both glared at Alibek and laughed. Alibek, lost in thought, set out for the way between the vineyards. He felt himself very light as ballon.

“It’s not a girl, angel! Angel !! ” – Alibek was happy with his discovery. He was into fantastic world at that time.
… The two walk away holding hands and smiling at each other. Suddenly something enters Alibek’s eyes. The angel immediately removes the handkerchief from her head and presses it to his eyes. The young man puts his hand on these delicate hands. Hands to hands, eyes to eyes. Infinite love, tenderness, gentleness, devotion smell from them. Alibek slowly began to hold her hands. Delicate hands cling to his neck. The angel stares into his eyes for a few more minutes and slowly puts his head on Alibek’s chest. Alibek now holds Zulfiya’s hair. It smells of the fragrant scent in it. He appeals again:
Yes! – She answers in an excited voice without raising her head.
I won’t call you Zulfiya anymore.
I’ve got a new, wonderful name for you.
What? Can you tell me?
… – Zulfiya laughs out loud. – Do you always call me that now?
Yes! Wouldn’t you be upset if I said something else?
Let’s hear it!
I fell in love with you.
Alibek slowly hugged the angel. He holds his hair gently. He had expressed love. Until then, he had been reading books and watching movies, dreaming about what love language would be like. Now he was a participant in such an event. Zulfiya laughed.
Why are you laughing?
It’s interesting.
What’s interesting?
I was wondering what kind of love guys express to girls, now …
… now they’re expressing their love for you.
Look at me, – Zulfiya raised her head. – How do you love me?
Do you know? – Alibek lost in thought. – You know, love … “Well, now I feel that I can see you very well, that I can’t live without you,” he wanted to say, but he stumbled and fell on the big block formed while driving the tractor.
“O Alibek, are you here?” I’ve been looking for you for a long time.
Alibek looked and saw a brigadier, Nurali aka. As if caught in the act, he was stunned. He barely followed the brigadier. As he stepped out of the row into the

range and saw the eye of Zulfiya, who was staring at him affectionately from the shelter of the high current.
“Great! Great! ” – he repeated his thoughts many times, staggering like a drunk. In fact, he was drunk and his imagination was out of place. – “Angel! My angel! ” – Alibek wanted that girl again.
Now that his previous preconceived notions amitted, Alibek had become a completely different person. Wherever the range is, he was waiting Zulfiya who is holding a basket full of grapes. She would go out often, and then, not in a hurry to go back, she would take the box with her, as if she did not know, and would look around for Alibek. When their eyes met, they would give each other an endless, boundless, full smile of happiness, and they would run through the vineyards, holding their baskets on their wrists.
None of Alibek’s family members were paid that day. Zulfiya’s score doubled on the scoreboard and she became the “winner of the socialist competition” in five days. Student girls also came to help with the harvest, but Alibek has not yet visited them. In general, he did not think of going. He didn’t want to … That’s it!

Alibek’s brother Salim, a student in Samarkand, came home on Saturday. They ate together and talked a little. Then they got bored. Waiting for this opportunity, Alibek came carrying chess.
Shall we play?
Shall we play with your brother? – His father asked with a smile.
Well, it is a good quality time. – Salim said.
Salim is three years older than Alibek. Behavior, tone of voice is very different. Even if he speaks, it is as if he is exhorting someone. Alibek has been waiting for his brother for three days. He wants advice. He loved Zulfiya. Love is delicious! When you have sweet dreams. You stare at the ceiling at night and can’t sleep in that state. The next day, as if nothing happen, you go to work again. Alibek’s thoughts are always on Zulfiya. He thinks the same whether he is lying down, standing up or walking. She is a wonderful girl! If you look carefully, there is no other girl in Barlos as beautiful as Zulfiya. When he remembers Zulfiya’s innocent smile, his wrist will be full of energy and he wants to protect Zulfiya from the ugly giants who don’t really exist.
An interesting thing happened that day. It was time for everyone to go out for lunch. The Kurbanoy, Zulfiya, the three classmates joined other girls after lunch. At the beginning of the row, in the shade of boxes full of grapes and a dark espalier, they were reminiscing about their school years. Zulfiya is in the middle, with Kurbanoy and Alibek on either side. They sat closer to each other because of the less of shade. At first, Alibek boasted of his adventures in Samarkand and did not notice anything. Then he listened to them and felt his body touch Zulfiya’s body. More precisely, he had felt it before, and had not paid attention. Now his heart began to beat fast. Zulfiya was excited and explained moving her hands as well. Alibek seemed to be listening to the girls with great interest, as if he were watching them, in fact he was watching Zulfiya’s neck, her birth-mark which is under her ear, her thick black hair, her gentle eyes, rising and falling of her breasts. As he watched, he became agitated, trying to control the strong excitement that was coming over his body, but he couldn’t do it, he just stared again. Zulfiya was sitting cuddling her knees. Alibek likes even her sitting. Especially when he laughs, his joy spreads all over his face, his eyes are very bright. At such times, it was very difficult for Alibek to behave himself.
Alibek has read many books about love, all of them write about kisses, but then… What happens if they kiss? Does it leave taste of candy in the mouth? Sometimes, when he doesn’t sleep at night, in the morning he decides for himself: “I’ll persuade Zulfiya to a kiss today anyway.” But he changes his mind as he approaches Zulfiya. Zulfiya has something attractive or … He does not know. He can’t go far from her, but he can’t walk holding her hand. She keeps him at a certain distance. She is sitting next to him now. He can stretch out his hand, grab Zulfiya’s shoulder and look at her. One day he read in a magazine that “no need to kiss”. Because after kissing, the germs in one person’s mouth, between their teeth, pass from one to another, and the toothache increases in this way. Why do people kiss? Do they really have to kiss if they love? After all, in movies and books … if they fall in love, they immediately embrace. And then … he says to her that he really fell in love with her, and if he finds a way to kiss Zulfiya … then what will happen?
Let’s go and pick grapes,- Kurbanoy said to Zulfiya.
No! – Zulfiya said lazily, – Don’t hurry.
If you want to sit down, sit down. – Kurbanoy picked up her baskets, crossed to the other side of the line of grapes, and walked through espalier.
Here! Here is the opportunity Alibek has been waiting for. The two were left alone. Alibek looked to the sides. No one is visible. Kurbanoy is on the other side of the line. He’s getting farther and farther away. Alibek shuddered. He realized that his whole body is heating up, that this change is happening very quickly in himself. Then he couldn’t understand what he was doing. He doesn’t remember whether he grabbed her by the shoulder or grabbed her by the collar. For a moment, Zulfiya squirmed in his arms, squealing, and punching him in the chest. She was whispering from consternation. Fearing that he had damaged her, Alibek released the girl.
Are you crazy?- Zulfiya cried. – Are you doing this for my good treatment?
Then she stood up and followed Kurbanoy who left her before 10 minutes. Alibek: “I love you! We will never divorce! We will be together forever! I love you, only you, Zulfiya! ” he wanted to say so. He couldn’t tell. Since then, Alibek has been thinking. He didn’t know what to do. Zulfiya was angry. After it only Kurbanoy talked with him about work. Eh-he! What did Alibek want to do with Zulfiya in his dreams. What plans he had. Now it was difficult for Alibek. He need to explain to his father or mother about wedding. At the age of eighteen, he visited Samarkand. He kissed the girl. That’s it! To kiss all the time, she need to get married. But first he wants to ask Zulfiya’s consent. How can he do it? He’s thinking about it. Salim’s brother has experience. He wants to ask his brother for advice. Is it funny? It’s a matter of love. How you live your next life depends on the decision you make now. Alibek has not yet written to anyone about what is going on in his mind. His brother is a young man who has seen the city anyway. – Student! Students understand love well. In general, they know a lot because they read a lot, walk a lot with the girls. If you sit next to such scholars, you should only talk to them in a scholarly manner.
Brother, – said Alibek, pushing the chess player forward by two squares, – did Jonibekov and Gurragcha come back?
I don’t know, – said Salim, shifting the horse on the king’s side to the side.
Who is Jonibekov? – Asked his father, who was watching the game.
Our cosmonaut is from Tashkent, don’t you know yet? – Alibek said proudly that his father did not know what he knew. – Recently, mongolian cosmonaut Gurragcha and Jonibekov flew together under the “Intercosmos” program. We are a man working in a village unaware of the world. We don’t know when the astronaut will fly, when he will return, – said Alibek, putting chess pedestrian against the horse.
So, how did you know they were flying? – His father asked, and showed the way to Alibek. – Hey, don’t change uselessly their place.
I heard it on the radio. – Alibek ignored him and pushed the pedestrian forward again.

Jonibekov? From Tashkent? The astronaut also came out of the Uzbeks, huh? Hey, let the pedestrian stay in place. Where is he going? Ride your horse!
We know a little about chess, too, father, – said Alibek, giving the king. The infantry had blocked the king’s second path, and Salim had lost.
Yes! Are you losing to Alibek?
Alibek has been making a lot of progress lately, – Salim said. – And we allowed regression, apparently.
Come on, let’s play with a boy who knows about these astronauts, – said his father, playing against Alibek.
Astronauts stay in the sky for half a year, how do they live, huh? Brother? – Alibek asked, picking up the pieces again, as if to say, to continue the conversation that had actually been interrupted, to prove to his brother that he knew a lot. – There is a plant called chlorella. They say they eat it and live. Is that true, brother?
Maybe, – Salim said chewing something.
How do people live in the sky for half a year? Do they have a toilet on spaceship? – His father asked.
Yes, the spaceship was adapted for that. Spaceships are invented by the best scientists of our time, the golden fund of science and technology, the latest instruments are used for spacecraft. The man who created so many things will never forget how the astronaut lived, – said Salim.
The game continued. Alibek also won his father. Then he played with his brother again, almost as if he didn’t know when he was about to win, and made a mistake. Only then did Salim rejoice and win the game.
Alibek and his brother shared a room. This is the opportunity to talk. Alibek knows that his brother is writing a letter to a girl from city. The letter, which Alibek suddenly saw, written: “I want you to laugh, even if I suffer. After all, if the feelings that surround my existence do not give me peace of mind, if my body wants you, what is my fault? Understand me too! I love you…” In general, such statements. There are poems in between. It is said that lovers should get to know each other first. Alibek has known Zulfiya since the first grade of school. So, it is easy to get married without thinking. But there is another side to the issue: Salim is still single. Or directly to Salim: “Brother, that’s it, marry soon, don’t block my way. I can’t wait two or three years. ” So we need to talk. Salim is lying on the bed, his hands on his head, staring at the ceiling, he is thinking.
Brother, what do you think?
Nothing, .. my shirak, myself.
Brother, do you need money? – Alibek, not waiting for an answer, was happy with his fortune and took money out of his pocket. When he does so, his brother will be happy and it will be easier to talk to him.
How much? – Salim asked, his eyes filled with joy as he took the money.
Eee, who’s counting! I’ll give it to you again if you need it, I have a lot of money now, brother. I received my monthly salary yesterday. Here! – Alibek took out more money from his pocket. – You are a student, you will need.
Thanks, my shirak. I needed more money this week. I didn’t know how to ask my dad.
Brother, may I write you a salary?
Can you write?
Of course. Now our relations with our brigadier Nurali aka are excellent. He alone writes a monthly salary for four people. It doesn’t matter if I write to you.
It can affect you badly, don’t do that, my shirak.
They remained silent.
Alibek always is telling about other things. He told about astronauts. Now he is bragging about his accounting. Anyway, he need to talk now. His brother saved up the money, which may not come for a month.
… and Alibek accumulated all his power:
Brother, you love somebody too, right ?!.
Salim fastly looked at his brother.
Alibek’s face was red from internal tension …

I cannot cry with you,
I only bow before your sorrow.
I never get tired of missing you,
I love you, crying girl.
Yo’ldosh Eshbek
That day, Halima was sitting in a long chair in the hospital with her friends like swallows. Murad was coming from somewhere with a bunch of guys.
Everyone is in a great mood.
The sky did not fall to the ground. The ground did not turn upside down. The storm did not rise. The thunder did not shake the world. There was no lightning. It didn’t rain. Only Halima, a small, not white but pretty girl, was sitting still, as if she was frozen. As if stone on her shoulder. The black pupils are full of wonder, as if had widened.
– Here’s your boyfriend! – said one of the girls.
The girls laughed because Murad was not Halima’s “boyfriend” and had been in the hospital for three and a half months, but they had never met face to face.
In general, Murad is very strange boy.
Because of his strangeness, Halima was interested in him and talked about him once or twice in conversations with the girls, so the girls turned Murad into Halima’s “boyfriend”. It was just a joke. Earlier, Halima convinced herself that it was a joke, but …
Gradually, in conversations, Halima stopped talking about Murad.
Gradually, in conversations involving Halima, the girls deliberately began to talk about Murad.
Gradually, when Murad was mentioned, Halima blushed, her heart pounded, and she tried to pretend that she didn’t pay much attention to the conversation.
Halima wished that one day Murad would understand her, look at her and … say something … But Murad had not yet approached Halima. Halima was waiting for such a moment. She hoped and waited.
Murad, nicknamed the “candidate” among the patients, was really strange. He often walked alone, generally less visible in the hospital courtyard. According to rumour, he was sitting in his room and writing a dissertation. He will be a PhD soon. The friends jokingly called Halima “the candidate’s wife.” Halima liked the joke. To be the companion of such a young man’s life was happiness.
Handsome, clever, serious, etc …

Halima would occasionally see Murad make to laugh the guys, saying them very interesting things. Yes! It would be interesting to see a dreamy young man in the middle of guys. Surprisingly, what he said made everyone laugh.
At that moment, Halima punished the girl who called him “your boyfriend”. All the same, Halima liked the phrase “your boyfriend” and had sweet dreams in her heart. even when he saw Murad in the distance, he was in a state of panic, trying to pretend to be careless. But Halima was watching Murad’s every step, every look in the bunch of guys. Murad was very happy, his eyes were shining. He was happily telling his friends something. Halima was also happy.
The girls were happy too. They had been talking and laughing about something. Because of this cheerful spirit Dilorom:
Murad, come here! – She said.
Suddenly Halima was frightened. It was as if someone had poured a bucket of ice water on her. The heartbeat seems to slow down. She glanced at Dilorom, who had called Murad, and looked down with her eyes.
Murad approached the girls.
“It’s good to be calm. Let them not think that Halima really loved him”.
Why are you so careless? – Said Dilorom suddenly, hinting at her friends.
Did anyone fall in love with me? – Murad asked, looking at the happy girls one by one, as if he noticed that everyone wanted to talk.
Despite his acquaintance, Murad had not yet spoken to any of the girls, and the current jokes were naturally bringing them closer together, realizing the purpose of the young girls before they could not finish their words.
Of course! – Dilorom’s face turned sad. – Poor Halima, our friend has fallen in love with you. It hurts her! You don’t even look at her! – Dilorom hugged Halima, stroked her hair and face.
Trying not to reveal her true condition with her whole body, Halima also lowered her eyelids while lying, hung her arms on both sides and looked at the ground.
You-u-u? Do you love me?! Really? ..
Yes, yesss – said Halima, with a sigh, as if she were about to cry (actually, she was about to cry) – I’ve been looking at you for a long time.
The boys and girls laughed.
Oh, Halima! – Murad suddenly knelt before her. – The girl did not even notice that her palms fell into the palms of the boy. Though she felt it, he did not dare to take it. – Are you telling the truth? Aren’t these spotless eyes deceiving? Are these charming eyes looking to me for a lifetime? – – Murad’s eyes were shining with such inspiration that the girls watched with great interest the continuation of the funny joke they started. It was obvious that Murad was joking, and whether it was a joke or a love affair, it never left anyone indifferent.
“I trust you, Halima!” Not just you, because I’ve been in love with you for six months! I’m on fire !! I love you too, Halima !!! I was confused, not knowing how to express my love. Look at the happy coincidence that your friends have served us impartially. Oh, what a heavenly bliss! I can’t believe it … Are you Halima? – Murad turned to Dilorom: – Am I expressing my love to the girl who loves me?
Everyone laughed.
Yes, yes, you’re right.
“Hey, he’s a great guy, that’s Murad!”
Did you hear? – Said Murad, still in the same voice. – My heart is full of love for you. I miss you, darling! I have no life without you now! If you exist in this world, so do I. We will never be separated again. We live together. We’re getting married tomorrow morning. No, girls, don’t laugh. Halima, my dear, don’t laugh either, I’m saying what’s in my heart. I have to tell you the words of my heart. We live happily together. We will have many children. You will be the “Hero Mother”. It is enough to give birth twins six times. Oh, If you only knew …
Oh, would that be an expression of love? – One of the girls wondered.
You’re laughing at me! Why should I hide my love from you? My heart is full of love. Halima, don’t be shy, let your friends think I’m kidding. The humor is good. Let them laugh. It’s a joke, but I really like you …
Where do you get so many words? You were always silent! – Dilorom asked with pleasure.
I don’t really talk much, that’s right, – said Murad, but know:
My heart is a red meadow, trembling, my darling.
My heart is pounding, horses are galloping, darling.
Oh, this humiliated heart can’t stand to be trampling. No, I can’t take it anymore. I’m leaving! I head out of these countries. Goodbye, darling! – Murad pulled Halima’s hand to his lips, but kissed his other hand, which was on the girl’s hands, and left.
This candidate was walking silently but had much trouble! – Said Dilorom. -He silenced everyone and left.

Х х х
It so happened that one day, after returning from Tashkent, Halima could not say her pain to anybody, and it was their turn to defoliate, and the mechanic fell ill. The development of cotton was so late that, over time, it was absolutely impossible to delay defoliation. So Halima put all her worries aside and decided to drive the tractor herself. She forgot to wear a respirator and take precautions. The pain was great. In the second defoliation, the amount of butyphos was increased to shed the leaf faster. Before the harvest, she was hospitalized. Poison has accumulated in her lungs! She has been in the TB hospital ever since. In the first days, she cried many times, “Now my life is spent in pain,” but by nature, the cheerful girl quickly returned to her previous position. It was Halima who “divided” the boys in the hospital for girls and “chose” Murad for herself. In the conversations between the girls, Halima’s loud voice and cheerful laughter stood out.
Apparently, this girl really fell in love with Murad.
The girl, who talked a lot and laughed a lot, and who won in competition of words to many guys, blushed with embarrassment in front of Murad and did not speak.
Murad was sitting with two girls around a table in the kitchen. Halima had heard many times that Murad was sitting next to her as a joke as he expressed his love for them as well.
Murad now joked about it to Halima. Everyone likes to hear good words anytime.
After this event, Halima was excited every time when she saw Murad.
Especially his looks, .. his laughter …
Murad was rarely seen on the street. He was joking with those two girls in the kitchen, then making his way straight down the hallway to the hospital building.
He did not even go to the movies at night.
Just writing. Being a candidate was not easy, apparently.
Murad is twenty-five years old, studying for a postgraduate degree and writing a dissertation on Uzbek classical literature, so he calls himself a “classic” among his literary friends, but they call Murad a dervish, Murad himself knew. He was a man of real mood, and when he was at rest, when the time came, he would certainly express his love to any girl as a joke, and, interestingly, he would look at the girl in front of his eyes with the purest love, as if every word were spoken sincerely. Murad never spoke to the girl first, but the girl …
Four days passed. Halima was coming out of dinner with Dilorom when someone stopped her by holding her hand. Halima turned. He turned and the temperature ran down his body. Murad was standing happily.
Hey, unfaithful! He said. – Can’t find you !? You did not come to gathering? What, does our life pass in waiting of randezvous moments? Or did you find another one?
Halima wondered. Her heart was pounding. She smiles. In particular, Murad’s fiery gaze was “killing” her.
Who is undaithful? Are you unfaithful or Halima? – Dilorom joined the conversation. – You have not been back since you expressed your love!
I want to take Halima out of these countries. Luckily, we found each other in the hospital. Let’s go now. We are going to my country.
Where is your country? – Dilorom asked.
In Bakhmal. Have you heard of Bakhmal Mountains, Oykar Peak? At the foot of those mountains we have the village of Barlos.
I can’t live in the mountains! – Halima said excitedly, as if Murad was going to take her away.
You will live! – Said Murad confidently. – We will create all the conditions for you. There are twenty sheep, thirty goats, and twenty cattle in our yard. Every morning from four to seven, you come to feed them in the mountains. – Oh, I won’t!
Why? This is a great happiness for you! Before dawn, you are shepherding at the foot of the Oykar peak in the sweet dreams. True, we have a lot of wolves. And what happens when it eats? After all, it’s a romance! Imagine: If you don’t come back, the whole village will wake up. We’ll look for you … and among the rocks we’ll find your white silk shirt stained with black blood. You were in that dress on your wedding night. Oh, my wishes! – My unfulfilled dreams! I will rub your bloody shirt over my eyes and cry. Not you, for a lifetime I will be unhappy. O-o! There will be a grave in Aykar. To it you will be buried. Not you, but my unfulfilled dreams will be buried there. Every morning a grief-stricken stranger ascends to Oykar with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. He cries every day, clutching the grave, plucking his hair, licking his cheeks. It will be me! Beloved, your unhappy lover! – Murad stopped talking. For a few minutes everyone was silent.
I was cold when I heard you, – said Dilorom, as if she had finally woken up. – Are you so cold?
What, are you writing such things in your dissertation? – Halima asked with deep inner excitement.
Yes. “History of Murad and Halima’s tragic love”.
It’s funny, – said Halima in a low voice, trying to hide her excitement, because Murad’s last words had frightened her. – I don’t know when you’re serious, when you’re joking. You will not be seen for three or four days. When you arrive, you talk and leave again …
Do you want me to walk with you?
Halima turned to Murad. The most frightening thing was that she met Murad’s eyes … “I love you!” said Murad’s eyes. These eyes promised endless happiness! These eyes were burning. These eyes had stolen Halima’s rest.
What happened, do you really love me?
What about you? Did you think she was lying? – Dilorom answered instead of her friend.
So you were lying?
I lost consciousness because of Halima, but I thought Halima was joking, laughing at me.
Is that a joke?
Honestly, when I joke, when I’m serious, I can’t even discern myself. – Murad laughed. – By the way, are you going to our Bakhmal?
You’re saying such horrible things that I wouldn’t be here if I were Halima.
We can say about the pleasant things: Well, let the wolves not eat Halima. Halima should never take care of the sheep. Imagine: Spring! The tulips are bright red on all sides. The hills are covered by tulips. The clear waters flowing from the Oysharrak rill on the side slope run towards the rivers. Early morning. Halima walks to the beginning of the rill in a white silk wedding dress carrying a jug. The gentle mountain breeze is playing with her hair. Halima is happy! A calm smile on her lips. Yeah! She washes her face in the icy water. At that moment, I followed him and hid his eyes. It’s Halima pressing her palms over my palms because she knows it’s me. The temperature in the hearts passes to the hands, the temperature in the hands to the hearts. Halima throws herself into my arms. We look at each other. “I’m happy!” Halima whispers and closes her eyes. I caress Halima’s dark, soft hair …
It will not happen! As soon as you hide my eyes, I will hit you on the head with the jug, – said Halima, a little angrily.
The romance is broken! What happened now? – Dilorom said.
What would happen? My head cracks, I faint and fall. Halima turns around and is terrified because she thought I was some kind of malicious person. She quickly brings my head to her knees and squeezes my forehead. But the blood is flowing. I lie down without breathing. Halima splashes water on my face, pulls me by the collar, shakes me, cries a lot. ” If you are not in this world, why should I live?” When I realize that Halima is about to kill herself, I get excited. (While lying, I pretend to be dead). My throat hurts. “Stop, Halima!” I shout. Halima stops. She can’t believe her eyes. When she runs out of energy, she sits down. Laughs and cries, cries and laughs. As she bites her fingers, she tries to suppress the tremor, but can’t. I cry too. I cry because I just now believe that no one will ever love me like Halima. I thank God that I realized that I could almost be separated from Halima …
Murad also finished this tale.
You look like a writer! – Dilorom was surprised.
I was a reporter before entering postgraduate studies. I also visited the village of Halima, – said Murad. Suddenly his eyes flashed cold.
They arrived at the hospital building. The girls still wanted to go for a walk.
Murad said,
Go for a walk yourself. I will go in.
“So he seems to know”.
Halima’s whole body trembled.
Х х х
At that time, Halima was awarded at a meeting at the center. After the meeting, Clara and Ismat went to the restaurant in the evening. They celebrated Halima’s award. Halima also drank less. She was conscious. Arriving at the hotel, Clara and Halima went to bed in a room reserved for them. Then, around midnight, Ismat came to Halima, saying, “Sister is calling you,” and introduced Halima to Erkin Eshboevich in a room on the edge. “Sister” was the first secretary of the regional Komsomol committee. It was impossible not to go where she called. Then … Halima only realized what had happened in the morning. But she did not shout, did not cry for Erkin Eshboevich. Having heard so much about the girls who had gone through such a situation, she dressed himself in an incomprehensible calmness and indifference, leaning against the railing, with an incomprehensible calmness and indifference, for fear that she might one day fall into the same situation. Uh-huh! On the ninth floor … what if he throws himself? Why? What reason? For whom? – Hey, Halima?
Erkin Eshboevich thought that the girl was trying to throw herself, came running and grabbed the girl by the shoulder. Halima released herself with a shudder.

Did you lose consciousness? – Erkin Eshboevich panted. Then, looking into her victim’s very insensible eyes, he fell silent. He pulled his hand away and went close to railing – What happened to you? Halima, you’re my daughter, like my own daughter … I don’t know, how to say … I did not plan it. I have great respect for you. I will continue to respect you. You don’t want to hear me. Well, don’t think about past work. Honestly, I don’t want you to be dissatisfied with me. For now, you take this. We’ll talk about the rest later.
Erkin Eshboevich gave the girl a lot of money. Halima still did not understand how she got the money because she was still insensible. She looked at the money in her hand, and for the first time she was humiliated. So … but … Erkin Eshboevich spoke again. He wants to get rid of it peacefully. Halima went out without saying a word so as not to show her tears. An idea came to Halima’s mind. So she went straight to Ismat’s room. As she thought that he was not in his room. Halima went to her own room. She had to knock on the door a lot. Finally, combing her hair, Clara opened the door, squeezing the collar of her unbuttoned robe with most of the buttons. Halima pushed herself inside.
The suspicion was correct. Ismat was here. He was dressing in a hurry. Seeing Halima, the tips of her fingers trembled, unable to press the button. Halima was conscious, summed up her thoughts and came to a decision. She took a step forward, her eyes full of indifference. Ismat shuddered and sat down on the sofa. Halima put the money on Ismat’s knee. Then she took her suitcase and went down to pick up her clothes. Clara and Ismat did not know what to say or do. Halima, as if no one was in the room, took a towel, went into the bathroom, washed, and changed her clothes. In the meantime, there were muffled voices inside. Clara and Ismat were arguing over something. When Halima returned, the two fell silent again. Ismat could not bear it when Halima finally picked up her suitcase and started to leave.
Stop, Halima! This is not my only job! – Ismat cried, threw the money and punched him in the chest. – Find out what happened. I just carried out the order. I have no guilt. You understand me, Halima! Tears welled up in Ismat’s eyes.
Ismat Sa’dullaevich!
What? What? What ?!
As Ismat turned and walked towards Clara, Clara slapped him. Ismat holding his face, both his anger and his pain subsided on the sofa. Halima stopped, realizing that there were still unspoken words. But no one spoke. Suddenly Halima looked at the money lying randomly on the sofa, on the floor. She put down her suitcase, collected the money one by one, and put it on Ismat’s knee again.
Give it to her! – Ismat said, throwing the money in Clara’s face. – She did it all! Don’t look at me like that, Halima! She found a sleeping pill for Erkin Eshboevich and said that he would add it to her coffee. She is bawd!
Scoundrel! – Clara’s eyes glazed over at Ismat. – You are bawd! Irkin Ishbaevich is bawd! ..
The two fell into a fight with each other. Unable to bear it, Halima went outside.

Х х х
If you walk next to a weird guy, you’re going to be weird too. Halima never thought she would say that.
Three or four more days passed. Murad was as careless as ever in the kitchen, and when he saw the girls, he nodded to them, and when he did not see them, he was busy and daydreaming.
And Halima … Halima now … she didn’t understand herself either. It is clear that Murad did not love her. Even then … She tried to hide her pain from her friends, and if there was any talk about Murad, she would laugh. And Murad … One evening, while Halima and Dilorom were walking in the hospital garden, Murad suddenly (Was it suddenly?) came out with a friend.
My dearest darling! – Said Murad, as if ready to embrace. – Is that you? I аm tired of always thinking about you. I was looking for you. Come on. Now begins the first moments of our lives. Dilorom, you keep talking to my friend. We have a lot of secrets with Halima.
Murad walked along the small corridor leading Halima. Halima found neither the strength nor the courage to resist.
Why do you always run away from me? – Murad asked as they walked.
Did I run away, did you?
So you’re watching me!
Now you аre … you’re the only guy in the hospital, – said Halima sadly.
Well, so we will be together for a lifetime from now on, ok?
Strange things … you bargain like you’re buying goods at the market, huh? -Halima said sadly.
Having talked each other many times before, Murad was speechless for the first time. They were quietly walking to the dark, deserted sides of the garden. The joy on Murad’s face was replaced by sadness, which Halima did not notice or even not try to notice.
Halima! – Murad said seriously, grabbing her by the shoulders and turning to her. He was devastated, he had just realized that she was in love with him, he was trying to figure something out, he had amazed at the girl’s love. – What a stupid am I thinking … Eh! Did you fall in love with me? Halima bowed her head.

Why don’t you answer, Halima? – Murad’s voice trembles. – I need to know that.
An electric lamp hanging on a distant pole shone a faint light on both sides, Halima’s face was barely visible, and it was clear that she was in a bad mood. Halima’s shoulders slowly began to tremble. Then, sitting in the middle of the road, she put her head on his knees. Surprised, Murad sat down, raised the girl’s head and tried to turn her head to himself. Halima shook him off. Halima was crying. Silently, her whole body shook, trembled, and cried.
Hey! What happened to you ?!
You? You are to blame for everything! I’m not stupid enough to love you yet. Why do I love you? What if you are a candidate! Why need you do to please me? You won’t marry me anyway! The girls are showing me you as a “boyfriend”. You’re not my boyfriend! Now you followed me. You already knew I loved you. You led me into the darkness, making sure I was tired … So why don’t you shut up? What is your goal? Is it your goal ?! Or is it a lie? You are always laughing at the girls. Or did you think I was stupid too? .. If I’m not stupid, will I fall in love with an idiot like you? Do you think there are few young men in the world? I’m unhappy! Ehh … why are you silent? Why ?! Why ?! – Halima suddenly grabbed the young man by the collar. – Tell me, Murod aka! I’m afraid you’re silent. I’m an idiot! I’m crazy! I love you, Murod aka! ..
Halima, Halima! – Murad wanted to say something else, and Halima covered his mouth with her palm.
No, don’t talk! I’m more scared if you talk. Please, Murod aka, don’t talk. I feel like I’m going crazy …
Don’t talk! Get out of here! I don’t want to see you! – Halima sat down again, covering her face with her hands.
Halima, calm down.
Go away, I said. I need not your mercy. I don’t want you to stay here. Do you know, I don’t want you!
Halima kicked the floor as she stood up.
Why are you upset? Do you want to see my tears again? I’m stupid crying for you! – There were tears in Halima’s eyes. – Go away! Leave me alone, please …
Murad finally bowed and set off.
Murad aka, what are you doing?
Murad hurriedly turned to Halima.

Why are you leaving me? If I say go, will you go? You are a man! – Halima walked forward, a light shone on her face, and her wet eyes shone with happiness. Murad came running back.
You are really weird! Do you do what the girl says? Hold my armpit, yes, go now. You must have thought I met a very strange girl, huh?
Halima, I want to say that …
No, no, do not say anything. It need not.
I want you to know! I got married.
For a moment Halima’s breath caught. Then, trying not to lose his happy mood, She said in a cheerful but broken voice:
Well, never marry me! This walk is a great happiness for me!
Their steps quickened and came to light. Dilorom and Murad’s friend were sitting on a bench at the edge of the garden. Halima released the young man from her arms and whispered to Murad, “Have a good trip,” and left with Dilorom. As soon as she entered the ward, Halima hugged Dilorom tightly and kissed her. She bit and kissed. Dilorom groaned, but Halima wouldn’t let go.
I want to eat you! Ahahaha! I’m crazy, I’m crazy! I intimidated the candidate. The poor man was frightened. I’m great! I’m great! Murad had to tell his whole biography. Oh! Ta-ra-ram-ram, ta-ra-ram-ram! … – Halima began to dance.
Dilorom was accustomed to Halima’s crazy movements, but …
You really fell in love with him!
What can I tell you, what can I say?! – Halima was completely incomprehensible at that time. – I didn’t love him, he loved me! He!!
Other girls entered the room.
My friends! – Halima solemnly said, shaking her hands sharply, – I lost consciousness. You know, I’m … crazy! Halima threw herself on the bed. How good love is?! Uh, cowards. Why don’t you talk? .. I don’t need anything. You don’t even need a bit! Get out! Get out! – Halima suddenly cried. He hid his face on the pillow.
The girls didn’t understand Halima, who was just talking.
Go out, go out! – Cried Halima, sobbing. – Leave me alone. All, .. all … need not me! He doesn’t love me …
Oh, let your Murad disappear! – Dilorom was angry. – Are you crying for him? Murad is not worth your nails, if necessary … Girls, go out now, let Halima rest a little.
Two friends remained in the ward. Halima lay motionless, Dilorom was furious, but did not dare to say a word. Finally, Halima turned and stared sadly at
her friend. He tried to smile, but there were tears in his eyes. Infinite pain lay in Halima’s pupils. These pains do not have to be expressed in words.
Love is so strong …
Is it true that true love comes once in a thousand years?
Forget him, – said Dilorom, trying to comfort her friend. – The world is full of guys a thousand times better than him.
Halima was silent. She closed her eyes sadly. She looked like a woman who had spent her life in tears in her present state, not knowing what laughter was. Her unfulfilled dreams, which had been lingering in her heart since she began to love Murad, now awakened and were torturing Halima.
Tell me something, my heart is pounding. Now I cry too. Why … are you weird? – Dilorom almost said ‘crazy’.
Halima smiled.
If you get married, get married, don’t take my time, there are a lot of people who love me, didn’t you say?
My spring is over, – said Halima sadly, – are there less eighteen-year-old girls?
Wow, he’s an idiot! Did he say I would marry them? Did not you say him
“Why did you bow? Why did you say that you love me?” Halima nods in frustration.
I will punish him. He regrets what he did. Uff! I’m on fire! – Dilorom opened the door.

The fragrant spring air entered the room. One of the most graceful nights of May. A row of poplars planted across the hospital was higher than the last fourth floor. The other side of the trees was the lucerne area. The harvest will begin soon. Halima’s room was on the third floor …
A song was heard from upstairs. Dilorom, who was talking on the porch, turned and looked at her friend. Halima was smiling.
Oh my God, are you really crazy?
Listen, – Halima whispered, pressing her index finger to her lips as she stepped out onto the porch.
On the fourth floor, two windows away from them, Murad was leaning against the railing of the porch, staring sadly into the depths of darkness and singing:
do not dare to comfort you,
You are my past, a part of my life.
Murad did not see the girls. He was singing on his own. Maybe he was singing for Halima on purpose.
O fools! – Dilorom couldn’t stop herself. – If I say you’re in such pain, he’s suffering worse than you.
Halima did not hear Dilorom. He didn’t attend when he heard it. Murod …
I don’t understand you, – said Dilorom. – It doesn’t take a minute, you laugh.
It doesn’t take a minute – you cry.
Murod was singing:
wish you cry, sobbing cry!
Grit your teeth slowly and cry!
Yes, friend! – Said Dilorom to Murod. – Sing. News! Did you fall in love with someone?
Yes! The lover wants to sing, – said Murad, stopping to sing. – This crazy mind wants a lot.
For some reason I don’t like what you’re doing, – said Dilorom, who could not stand still. – You need to think about your health. Did you forget what the doctor said?
“ – You have to be very careful, – the doctor told Halima. – Butifos has affected not only your lungs, but also your liver and heart. It’s absolutely impossible for you to get so excited. If you do what I say, you will live many more years. What do you still see in life? ”
Halima lay down on the bed sadly, with poor smile. Dilorom turned off the light.
Halima couldn’t sleep. During the night, Dilorom felt Halima talking, sometimes sobbing and sometimes whispering. Just before dawn, Halima calmed down.
It’s morning. The nurse on duty first went into the wards one by one and asked who needed a heat meter, then left the medicine.
Halima lay motionless as she turned against the wall.
Dilorom washed up, and as she approached the kitchen for breakfast, Halima did not move. Dilorom, who was finally getting ready for breakfast, sat down on her bed and combed her hair.
Get up, sweetheart! Your Murad is waiting for you in the corridor. – Dilorom said to Halima.
Halima lay motionless. When Murad was mentioned, Halima usually was happy as she heard about him, really.
Get up! – Dilorom pulled Halima’s shoulder.
Halima rolled over and froze as her half-closed eyes stared at the ceiling. Her body was getting colder by the minute, and her dark eyes were filled with wonder, anguish, pain, a bitter question, “What did I see in my life?” and a faint smile.
The village of Barlos began restless in these days. It would be bad if there was a traitorous writer among your people: still inspecting the shop, still the cotton, still inspecting the farm … Before one does not calm down, the second quarrel begins.
It became clear to everyone that Mamat’s brother, Tajiboy, who was once fighting with the blind Banat, was also a traitor.
People in Barlos know that Tajiboy is unconversable and nobody has never seen him speak freely his ideas to anyone. The state has modernized. Now every complaint of the people was being heeded. If someone complains and writes a letter, the whole case was being considered.
There has been no peace in the garage for a week. Inspection. Tajiboy signed a complaint to the government, admitting that he had written the letter. Tajiboy wrote in his complaint letter: “At a time when reconstruction is being carried out everywhere, corruption is still going on in our Barlos. The director is only helping his friends and relatives. The director’s support for the common people is not being touched. The former director was fired for failing to manage the job. Khidir Sobirovich, a chief zootechnician who had been trained by a former director in bribery, was appointed to replace him. While the former director sold one new car for five hundred soums, the new director increased the price four times. In twenty years I have not been able to get a new car. The guys who got the license yesterday are getting a new car for a bribe…”
The inspector, who at first frightened everyone, came to the weekend and became a little more polite. Even on the last day, he came to the meeting of the garage workers in a cheerful mood together with the district representative and the district director.
Dear Tojiboy Toshboev, come here! – Said the inspector, as if inviting him to a trial.
His face darkened, his eyes sunken, he had changed completely in a week, he could not stand anything, Tajiboy appeared as a man who rubbed his bald head because he did not want to look at people.
Our people have become very knowledgeable, – said Khidir Sobirovich sarcastically.
Everyone heard that. As everyone heard, Tajiboy was even more upset. He was about to say something to the director when the inspector began to speak:
Keep the ethics, dear director! Well, dear director! Well, dear communist secretary of the party! Will you start the meeting?
The secretary of the Communist Party, Hamroqul Bozorovich, quickly got up and declared the meeting open. He then gave the inspector his turn to speak. The inspector gave a long report on the advantages of the new decision, law and other normative documents being developed by the party and our government, as well as on the ongoing reconstruction in different areas. At the end of his speech, he said:
Well, comrades, I mean, we have a strong protection of the rights of workers. So far, no complaint I have received has gone unnoticed. As you are a witness, we have thoroughly investigated the complaint of your neighbor Tajiboy Toshbaev. Although some facts have been confirmed, we are convinced that the main accusations were written only on the basis of suspicion, and that there was no solid foundation in the ground. But this does not mean that the views expressed in the complaint were not confirmed

Tajiboy was still silent in the middle, like a student on a blackboard.
He had forgotten that it was possible to sit. The leaders also forgot to say “Sit down”.
We now have a wide path to democracy, comrades, – continued the speaker, he knew that he spoke fluently, so he was proud of himself, inspired. – So, the last point should be made by you, the workers of this garage – the whole team. So, commenters? ..
I want to speak! – Said Abdullah, realizing that it was time to speak. He quickly got up from his place, raising his hand like an exemplary pioneer. – I have a lot of respect for Tojiboy aka, – he said, carelessly. When he opened his mouth, a row of red teeth gleamed. – We have been working together for many years. We have never offended each other. I don’t think Tojiboy aka can write such a letter, comrades! Tajiboy aka was forced to write.
No one forced me! – Tajiboy has been a spectator for a long time and he was nervous about it. – I have been telling you for a week that I wrote the letter myself! No one even forced me. It was my turn to buy a car, and I was saddened that Hidir aka had given the new car to his nephew.
When did I get a new car?! – The director’s nephew stood up.
You drove for two days! After I got into an argument, you stopped for a week and your uncle sold it to Safar for a thousand and a half.
Slander! – Safar naynov got up. – Comrades, it is already clear that everything he writes is slander. I demand that you sue Tajiboy Toshbaev as a slanderer.
Hearing the word “sue”, Tajiboy was frightened. Waiting for help, he sought his saviors from among those seated. But they said, “Write, you are a worker, they cannot punish you, and you are one hundred percent right. If I become a director, I will give you the first new car. Speak freely, we will support you”. Those who wanted to support are now sitting quietly in awe. What should Tajiboy do alone? He didn’t know how to talk, he had been learning to argue for a week. To be honest, people called Tajiboy lamblike, but Tajiboy wasn’t lamblike enough. He trusted everyone and was deceived. This is true. But he did not look like his brother Mamat. Mamat was very stubborn, so he couldn’t join the people. The rescuers took advantage of a delicate opportunity. He was not a bad person even if he was not sociable – people of Barlos had never had bad thoughts about Tojiboy for forty years. They did not hear that Tajiboy had done something wrong, that he had betrayed someone. That’s why everyone in the village was surprised and disbelieved when they were told that Tajiboy had appealed to the government. Some guessed that Tajiboy was forced to do so. But Tajiboy said that he had written it all himself.
The ongoing meeting on the porch of the garage was great. On the hoods of the cars, in front of them, the people sitting on the carpet were shaking. Senior officials, who sat like black doves behind a table covered in red cloth, also glanced at each other.
Comrades! What’s going on? Respect each other, keep ethics, – the inspector said angrily.
Thank you, brother! – Abdullah said, glad that it was his turn again. It is always this: if there is a meeting, Abdullah should speak. The meeting will not end if Abdullah is not given the chance to speak. Even if the meeting had been officially declared closed, Abdullah would not have left if he had not spoken to the people. People have also become accustomed to this habit. While Tajiboy has been a driver for twenty years, repairing old, worn-out cars, Abdullah has done nothing. Every year he changed his car to a new one. Abdullah drove the first GAZ-51, the first

GAZ-53, the first ZIL and the first KAMAZ in Barlos. He is a “tester-driver”. – I want to say, -continued Abdullah, – that our brother Tajiboy may have written this complaint in his own hand, without anyone’s advice, but it does not matter. In general, it is a shame for us to hear that people of Barlos are embarrassing and harming each other! Comrades! In addition, all of us together – a large team, like brothers and sisters of a close-knit family, unanimously guarantee Tajiboy aka. And we assure you: “Tojiboy aka does not write a letter of complaint”. We are very embarrassed with our all team because your precious time is wasted. I want to… Ooh! Are you still standing? – Abdullah had just noticed Tajiboy, who was nervous and blushing. – Thank you for your hard work, you can sit down, dear brother! – he said, placing one hand on his chest and pointing the place with the other. But there was no seat to sit on. As if waiting, Tajiboy sat down quickly where he was standing. He looked around anxiously, squirming, looking for someone, distracted.
Abdullah continued, – Well, we are to blame, if it is possible to say so, sorry for it.
Thank you, brothers!
Speak briefly! – Said one of the people in the back seats.
There are others besides you, who wants to speak, – said the Kurban tractor driver, who was leaning on his partner, unbuttoning his chest.
That’s right, say the end of your speech, – said the representative of the district, looking at Abdullah with pleasure.
Keep silent! – The inspector punched the table. – What kind of noise is this? This person … What’s your name? Abdulla? Comrade Abdullah is right. He is protecting you. If one fool is among you, it will cause many problems. On a weekly inspection, I witnessed such a case. This man … Comrade
Abdullah, now he apologizes on behalf of all the people of Barlas. This is a great nobility, comrades! – In a moment the inspector’s balance was disturbed and he shook. His eyes narrowed. “Does he come to the meeting drunk?” said someone.
Thus, the meeting decided that the facts of the complaint were not confirmed. It was taken into account that all those who bought a new car wrote a letter of explanation to the director that he had not paid a bribe. At first, those who wanted to support Tajiboy remained silent. Аs if they had beaten, kicked, knocked him down to death, then pulled Tajiboy up again, wiped his back with a broom, and warned, “Be careful, brother!?” The resolution was: “Tadjiboy Toshbaev should be severely reprimanded for defamation and expelled from the staff if he acts arbitrarily again”.
It hurt Tajiboy. But there is no way. If he had a habit of fighting, he would fight a lot and then enjoy it. Those idiots couldn’t help when he looked for encouragement. Tajiboy was alone hesitant. After the meeting, Tajiboy did not say

anything to anyone until the evening. He didn’t look at anyone. Raising his keys until late in the evening, he was busy repairing the car.
It was difficult for the poor, other people who were forced to write, he was punished, – said the Kurban tractor driver.
It is not enough for him. He has not yet been punished! Is Punishment only a warning? I will take him to court, – said Safar. – I’ll show him what slander is.
Shut up! Everyone knows that you wrapped the bribe in paper and gave it in front of many people in this dispatcher’s office! – Said Kurban the tractor driver angrily.
What if you knew!? Who saw it? Who held my hand? – Safar naynov threatened confidently. Can you prove? Do you want to be punished? You can’t stop me.
Oh, ungrateful person! You got a new car because this poor guy had a fight in twenty years. Even with 2,000, you didn’t get the ZIL left by Abdullah last year.
He should be punished. I need proof! – Naynov sighed.
Tajiboy heard all this. In addition, naynov spoke deliberately thinking that Tajiboy would be afraid of him and that if he wrote again, he would not write about Safar in his letter. Tajiboy did not spoke again raising his head, and did not look at anyone, realizing that he had been left without a savior, after he had spoken to the nephew of the director. It is impossible to know what Tajiboy wants. Whenever you looked at him, he was walking in his own pain, his eyes wide with grief. He hadn’t been able to buy a car in twenty years. If he drove for three days, the car had to be repaired for three months. Everyone in the village, even his wife and children, have become accustomed to his condition. In the evening, straightening the blanket on the chair, Tajiboy saw a hatchet lying at his feet. The knife was given by his wife to him two weeks ago to sharpen it. For so many days he has not been able to do even that. The blacksmith sharpens the reapers, axes, and chisels of others free of charge only at their request. If Tajiboy carries a knife to him, there will be no electricity or the wheel will break. The blacksmith has a lot of “tomorrow, tomorrow” when Tajiboy goes to him. “You’re a fucking man, and when you get close, it’s a disaster,” blacksmith threatened Tajiboy. Last week, the complaint was an excuse, and everyone moved away from Tajiboy. They thought that if the director’s relatives see that we are talking to Tajiboy, they will tell him. Talking to the director’s enemy was a betrayal of the director. At home, his wife

would shout every day, “If you don’t sharpen it, bring it to me, I’ll sharpen it with a stone.” He went home for lunch that day and got the knife then. On the way back, the car stopped before reaching the field. He tried to repair it, the car didn’t move. They called for help and were taken to the garage. Since then, the car has been under repair again. Since then, the a hatchet has been here ever since. He had been involved in the quarrel for the past few days and had forgotten. Tajiboy looked at the blacksmith. He was sharpening something. It was very good. Tajiboy took the knife and walked towards it. Blacksmith seems to have seen this. He hurriedly removed the wheel and put on the wheel cover. As he approached, he was sweeping around the wheel.
– My work time is over, Tojiboy aka. I’ll sharpen your knife if you come early tomorrow morning, – he said, hurrying off.
What? Was Tajiboy an infectious disease? Why did everyone avoid him? Were these people so afraid of Hidir? Would he eat these people? It is true that in the past, it was not problem for Hidir, Hidir’s mentor, to silence the voices of writers like Tajiboy, intimidate them, and even erase the evidence. Now, thanks to Tajiboy’s letter, an inspector from the city came and checked everything for a week. That means there was justice. “Now Hidir, who was not afraid of anyone, was in panic,” said one of Tajiboy’s sponsors in those days which the investigation began in village. Last night, another sponsor said, “Hidir, who is as cunning as a fox, seems to have bribed this inspector as well, and his behavior has suddenly changed” . In fact, the man who conducted the investigation in a completely different mood and that person who said the exact opposite words in today’s meeting. “All right, but why those?..” – Tajiboy had a habit of walking in silence and suddenly getting angry. That’s what happened now. He angrily threw the knife at the tree in front of him. The knife went straight and was stabbed, and its handle vibrated. Then he pulled out a knife and went back to his car. He threw it into the cabin. “He says he’ll do it in the morning tomorrow!” The woman who has been waiting so long will wait another day, nothing will happen”. Leaning on the car, Tajiboy watched with interest the new GAZ-53, which was brought to the control room yesterday. He thought, “It would be great if they gave me this car!” The annoyance of “no” turned into a grudge in a few seconds, he got up and went to the office. Now he wants to talk to the director. Now the man who went back is a coward. If the director does not give, he writes a complaint letter to the government against the director again. There are enough people who teach. They also write instead of Tajiboy. The director laughed at him before the meeting began! So, at that time, they decided the case, and they just held the meeting. This is Hidir’s opinion. Oh, he is very enterprising. He can do anything, but he could not be a director in his time!

Well, I hear you!? – Asked the director, leaning back in his chair as Tajibay entered, with an insulting smile on his face. – Speak quickly! – I need to go to a meeting.
You give me a new GAZ-53! – Tojiboy said smiling in a commanding tone.
It has an owner.
Well, what will you do if I don’t give you that car?
I’ll write a complaint letter to the government about you again.
You wrote, did you achieve any results? Did it help? .. – Although the director spoke angrily, it was obvious that he enjoyed his behavior and did not try to hide it.
I have documents in my hands that will destroy you. The complaint is also ready! In multiple copies! – Said Tojiboy, without changing his mood, staring at the director.
Hidir Sobirovich stood up. He didn’t even notice how he got to Tajiboy. Then, with a sigh, he walked around the room, doing leg exercises, and said in a dreamy voice:
Well, it’s all clear. It is known who gave the documents and who wrote the letter.
Myself, I do it all myself.
Don’t sing me your old song.You read the newspaper with embarrassment, you can’t write a complaint letter! No need to say who wrote it. I know even if you don’t say so. But aren’t you afraid?
Who knows, man is delicate. Is it possible to know the technique, the brake hose can be broken, on our low-altitude roads … Don’t you like your children? Why do you obey someone? You witnessed it yourself, and they were all scared, taking you into problem. I don’t care … I have good relations with the inspectors. The main thing is to be healthy … This is democracy! The people themselves supported me … You are actually a person who lives in misery. You got the curse of “traitor”. That’s enough! Or will you continue to do so until you are expelled from Barlos?
Tajiboy imagined the accident. Hidir was able to organize an accident. He can do anything. Tajiboy imagined for a moment his eleven orphaned children. Disappointed. The director, who understood this for himself, seemed to feel sorry for him and continued:


Well, I’m not upset with you. I know it’s not easy for you either. Indeed, in recent times we have forgotten what the human factor is. Well, even if you don’t stop hurting me, I want you to be good, let me help you. Eeh, I thought you couldn’t do your job, but I knew that you can do a lot, you don’t know how to handle it! The director rubed his thumb and forefinger against each other. Sometimes you have to go to director’s room. Should ask the situation. “Assalamu alaykum” should be greeted. Do you think our job is easy? I will not work for two days, and on the third day I will be fired, saying “He still do not understand this reconstruction.”
Can you give me a car? – Tojiboy asked in the same tone.
Eh … – Khidir Sobirovich barely restrained himself from cursing.Crazy! – Then he thought for a moment, hoping he would understand. – Go to the garage in the morning and we’ll talk.
As usual, as Tajiboy was returning home, his nephew crossed his bicycle across the road: “My father is calling you home.” On the way, Tajiboy first met Niyozmat:
What happened? – He asked sadly. – Ay-y!
It wasn’t a good job anyway. I was once slandered by Yo’ldosh and Bahri. Your work was bad. Eeh, these people were bad. They immediately merge with each other.
Tajiboy continued on his way quietly. A group of people were standing in front of the store. Yo’ldosh ran between them. He was very happy:
What do you want to do now?
Tаjiboy was silent.
Be strong! The work begun must be completed. You are the fearless man in Barlos!
This was the character of Yuldosh. It was impossible to know when he is joking, when he is serious, when he is sincerely angry. Mamat’s brother was lying next to him at home. He sat up, barely moving. He did not even extend his hand to greet. It is clear that he is not in a good mood.
Sit down.
Tajiboy sat down.
Did you get a new car?
Tojiboy was silent.
Hey, why don’t you speak? You were speaking a lot in the past few days!
Ehh, what’s the matter, brother? What are the benefits?
What, do I have to sit quietly as a brother? It hurts us too. Hidir is in a bad mood. “I will call the police one day and they will search your house, At least a bucket of feed will come out. Don’t regret it after that” he said. My

brother, do not be hostile by writing a letter of complaint against him! Let us not be punished because of you. Let my eight children not be orphaned.
E, why are you wailing, brother! – Tajiboy said not liking his brother’s words. – I also have eleven children. “Brother, how are you?” did you ask me? I’m very tired. Or do I have no right to drive a new car?
If not, what do you do? Can you hit and pull? If you have a lot of money, like Safar …
You say, I am your brother, your brother, But when did you help me? When that car was in sale I asked for five hundred sum debts, you did not give it, you were afraid of your wife. I just asked for a loan and wanted to repay that money. If I was healthy, I would earn and return in a new car.
I had no money at the time.
E, I’ve heard this story of yours a lot, brother! The big alfalfa field of the state was in your hands, for many years …
The brothers sat in silence. An awkward silence reigned in the room for a moment. Finally Mamat raised his head:
Brother, don’t be upset. Don’t always demand, do it yourself. Call someone a brother, call someone a sister, learn the culture of commnication. Our sister is sitting with her three children asking me for help. As for the her eldest son Shoniyoz, he still can’t earn money. He grew up lazy in the city. I moved him from city to our village, asked the director for a house, and gave him money. You didn’t help. The director is not a bad person. He told me today that we are responding with evil to the good which he has done. Well, that’s what happened. That’s why I apologized to the director for you too. I said the director: “He did it unknowingly, someone must have taught him, and he didn’t even tell me about it. I said, he will come and apologize to you”. Anyway, that’s it. Uh-oh, don’t joke with Hidir. At the meeting, he sat on the sidelines and the people spoke for him he had prepared. From this you can know how he is clever … Who wrote that letter for you?
Why do you ask? Did the director ask you to know that?
Oh, my God! .. Are you still hiding a secret from me? Uh-oh brother, you know…
What to do now? Can he ask his brother for another five hundred sums? If he does not pay the director at least a thousand sums, the car will be sold to someone else. It’s hard to get money from his brother. Will his brother’s wife allow him to give the money? It’s impossible to intimidate the director with a complaint letter. Between the two … Was he right or not? “I have the documents to destroy you. The letter is ready” he said. At first he could not answer, then immediately understood
the situation and turned to intimidation. Tajiboy was so scared that he did so much. There was no going back now. He got the title of “writer” anyway. Tajiboy’s fingers turned into fist. How long will he be silent? He was tired!
That’s it now, brother. Go to the office in the morning, admit your guilt and apologize. Maybe he’ll feel sorry for you, he knows your situation, he probably won’t ask for money, if you’re lucky, you’ll have a car too. If he asks for money, you say, “I’ll work for a few months and then I’ll pay.” You may have money too, to the bottom of your purse …
There was noise in the next room. His brother’s wife shouted and cursed.
Someone was slapped, and the children screamed and cried.
Oh, wife! Calm them down! Why not set the table for the guest?
“Brother, he hit them on purpose to make them cry!”

Hey, don’t be like your uncle, farouche!
His brother’s wife raised her voice again. Mamat was sick. He coughed and looked around.
Hey, I’m telling you, bring some tea!
The gas’s gone! – She shouted as she entered the room where the brothers were sitting. – I have begged you to change the gasbag for three days. What do I boil in the oven? – Brother’s wife came to Tajiboy and pulled out the clothes from the closet. At that moment, the carpet under the clothes slipped and fell on Tajiboy’s shoulders. She shook the clothes, tossed it aside, picked that carpet up, and threw it back in place. As she picked up the items, Tajiboy gave way to her and bent down so as not to disturb her. His brother’s wife was an ugly woman. She was in a very bad mood. It was obvious that she was looking for a reason to start a fight. She didn’t look at Tajiboy’s face, as if he didn’t exist in this room.
“Oh, oh, I didn’t come to ask for a loan”.
Why are you making so much noise? – Mamat said to his wife in fear.
Look at your child. He’s going to school soon, and he still doesn’t know how to go to the toilet. I’m looking for pants. Obbo, not found when searching!
E, then you get these pants! Get out! – Mamat also got angry and got up.
Take care of your son first until you scare me, – said brother’s wife, carrying the clothes and leaving. – None of them have new clothes. Buy for them. You are selling alfalfa and saving for money!
“She was listening to us!”
Take it, put it on! – Her voice came from across the room. – If your father is imprisoned because of your uncle, it won’t be even this clothes too. Then we go out on the street and beg for money.
He didn’t know his brother (his brother was used to this treatment anyway), Tajiboy regretted coming. But what does he say? Akasi! If he is rude, they will argue again that you want to ruin our family. In general, he called one of them a brother, the other a sister, and the other a fellow villager, by such kind of words he tried to treat with people. However, it did not help …
Brother, I’ll go.
Sit down and we’ll have some tea, – said his brother in a low voice.
No, it’s too late. – Tajiboy moved from his place.
He can’t do a thing. Why fight with those who are stronger than himself. It is not easy for him to earn money for food. Why does he need this fight?
“If I don’t leave, her voice will continue to rise. Then my brother beats her for it. Then she will curse me for a week”.
On the way he entered the house of one of them. Luckily the three of them were sitting here. Both the eldest and the youngest said, “Tojiboy aka, come on, come on”.
You have done a great job, Tojiboy aka, – said the younger. – It is impossible not to give you the car.
I don’t know, – said the older man hesitantly. – Look at him: “A new letter is ready for you!” tried to intimidate. He said this in the meeting. But he did not express his fear. He’s still starting something.
He was scared, though, big brother. If the second letter are written – will be fired. That’s what happens.
Not at this level, the assistants who deliver messages to Hidir work well: “I know very well who wrote it and who taught it,” he told me.
May God give strength to our brother Tajiboy, – said the middle-aged brother.
If Tojiboy aka doesn’t tell his secret … Hidir is trying to get rid of the problem. He also knows that he will lose his job and his problems will increase, but it is impossible to stop them. He is just waiting to see what happens.
You were in a panic, Tojiboy aka! – He sighed a little. – You shouldn’t have offended the drivers. Then everyone started talking about it and other words written about the director “forgot” the accounting documents. So we couldn’t say anything.
Can we forget the original phrase “He sold a car to Safar”? – said.
Yes, this time Khidir was very careful with us, – said the older brother. – He prepared Abdullah to confuse Tajiboy. He is a man who always speaks in meetings, and no one will doubt him. Abdullah, on the other hand, changed the minds of many. Ok, – Big brother rubbed his mustache and looked hopefully into the distance. – We will be careful too.
Let’s blame the second inspector as well. Saying that “Taking advantage of the fact that one point was not confirmed, he dismissed the complaint in exchange for a bribe”, huh? – The middle-aged brother commented again. – If we ask another inspector on that letter.
Very good. Shall we start writing? – The little brother sparkled with inspiration and he pulled out his pen.
Don’t hurry, don’t hurry! No need to hurry, – big brother said seriously. – You saw it yourself. Then we have to work punctually. Let the second letter be resolved, we will talk about the rest later.
Give me a second letter, I’ll see, – said Tajiboy thoughtfully.
You saw it before, – said the little one. – Or are you scared?
For some reason I don’t like it, – said Tajiboy nervously. – Don’t get me involved in this nonsense.
The letter has been sent, – said the big brother calmly.
Where was it sent?
I took the inspector to the region on my own! Hidir did this on purpose …I dropped the letter in the mailbox.
Uhh! – Tajiboy put his hand on his forehead. He thought of his brother and his wife. If there is a problem, the enemy is not so horrible but he will not be able to get rid of the his big brother’s wife alive.
Don’t be afraid, – said Big Brother in an exhorted tone. – We know that Hidir threatened your brother Mamat. Now is not the time to be easily imprisoned. Another period is now. Tojiboy aka, open your eyes! Wouldn’t you say sooner if you have such a treacherous intention? I would have deleted your name and put one of these.
Why only ours?
Can’t put my name on it. They argue that “He demanded rank of the director before. He hates Hidir after his appointment as director”, – big brother explained and turned to Tajiboy again. – We didn’t need to involve you in this either. We told you with good intentions that we would help you buy a car as well. You agreed. We didn’t force you! Is that so? Now finish what you started. It will be bad if you don’t finish. Remember that. Hidir is a snake. Do you know how snakes catch their prey? He cheats first, then eats. If he does not swallow, he bites his prey. Hidir was kind to your brother, that’s why, don’t betray us. He does evil with good words, and you don’t even know it. Did you think I would get a new car in the morning? You can’t buy it! The car was sold to Abdullah for 2,000.
It would be nice if you didn’t write the first letter, – the younger said supporting big brother. – Do you think I have become a complainant? You are not a complaint writer, you are a human being in a victim claiming your rights! Most of the people in Barlos are happy with you. For the past week, Hidir himself has been a bit restrained!
Yes, – said the middle brother. – Neither Hidir nor the previous directors respected you, and after the letter, Hidir had to come to terms with you.
Hidir won’t give up yet. – Big Brother confirmed misconception by shaking his head. – He’s playing a role on purpose … Now it looks like we need to get out of the ambush. If another investigation comes, our trusted brother Tojiboy will not be able to do it … We need results! – Big brother slammed the table, and the window rattled.
It will be difficult for you to say that they wrote the letter, Tojiboy aka, – said the little brother, changing his expression. – Your note in the letter or envelope. You get out of the slanderer. The slanderer was sentenced to one to three years in prison under the Criminal Code.
Tajiboy was silent. He pressed his fingers to his face. His whole body, face, and hair were covered in cold sweat.
Why do you say that? – The older brother stared at his feet, licking his lower lip, to keep from expressing his satisfaction with the flow of conversation. – If you say no, it’s your choice … But let me tell you: It doesn’t matter to Hidir, but you can’t get a new car without two thousand. Hidir raised the price. If our intentions come true and I become the director instead of Hidir, don’t expect any good from me either. All right, go. You can go.
There was silence in the room. Tajiboy did not know whether to go out or sit down.
So what did you decide? – asked little brother. – Tell us, go away.
That’s it, – said Tojiboy, looking sadly into the corner of the house. – The second letter will also be mine, but then I will leave this game.
Yes, it’s masculine, – he said moderately.
Big brother frowned and was upset.
I’m leaving. That’s it! – Tajiboy was tired.
The middle brother went out into the street before Tajiboy, looked around, and only after making sure that there was no follower did he took Tajiboy out of the gate and chained the door from the inside. When Tajiboy reached his street, two giant young men blocked his way. One is the director’s nephew who had to sell his car, the other is a stranger.
So brother, what did you do? – The nephew smiled ugly, his face resting on Tajiboy’s. – Do you want to write again?
Tojiboy was silent. He stared for a moment, a little frightened, but at the sound of various threats, it seemed normal to him, as if he said, “Oh, leave me alone!” and he walked around the niece, his partner suddenly punched him. Something flashed, shuffled, and something with a sharp blade touched in his throat. Tajiboy is stunned. He was terrified. He understood difference between the threat and real death. Her legs trembled. He was scared.
Take, take your knife! – said Hidir’s nephew to his partner. The partner took the knife аnd he continued threateningly to Tajiboy. – Know that you are surviving this time for your children. Then think and act. Don’t tell anyone, “He tried to kill me.” If you complain, if I am imprisoned, if you write another letter in general, this friend of mine will come one evening with his partners, and he will kill your children and set fire to your house, and it will be unthinkable.
To Tajiboy’s eyes, life looked black. Forty-five years old, he hadn’t heard so many threats to this day, he hadn’t thought so much about dying. He got caught from one to the other, from the second to the third. He was not a man who had lived so long and been offended by anyone. He was barely able to feed his family. He believed what they were saying … He was waiting with confidence that the car would be given to him. They don’t give anything without reason. He had to run, not wait … He was feeling pain. “Don’t be silent, be a man and write,” said one to him. The other handed him a pen. The third told him what to write, and Tajiboy wrote sadly. Even with the writing, there was no benefit. Again everyone was disappointed, Yuldosh laughed, brother shouted, brother’s wife cursed, scared, nephew threatened with knife. What was this situation? – Tajiboy was alone when he regained consciousness. He did not notice how the nephew appeared with his partner and disappeared. Were they really threatening with knife or dreaming? What’s going on? What is Tajiboy’s fault? Is it a crime to claim his own rights? Even if they don’t teach it … Tajiboy is a man too … He is not a commodity in the market, no one can intimidate him! Why did his nephew scare him? They gave his car to Safar, not to him. Ehh! After all … The director hasn’t paid any attention yet .. Big brother is right .. It will be clearer in the morning. Hidir’s nephew trusted his uncle and drove a new car, but Safar could not afford it even with money. Tajiboy’s letter caused the director to deceive his nephew … Oh, Hidir !!! You are called a fox. You explained to me very kindly! Did you think I would bring it? It will never happen! Wait! .. But they shouldn’t have threatened with a knife. What happens now? Even in such a time, a large family can be easily killed?!
Tajiboy went into the yard and locked the gate. But both sides of the gate remained open. If desired, it can be easily passed through any corner of the gate. In general, the gate itself will collapse even if you kick it well. But the presence of this gate is a little reassuring. He wrapped the layers of the gate around each other with wire and went home. It was as if someone was lurking in the dark corners of the yard with a knife, as if someone were now coming after him without a shadow and stabbing him in the shoulder. The couch was also quiet. There was no light in the windows. It’s as if they have already started, including their children and his wife … – Tajiboy shouted. When his mind got here, he forgot his worries and slammed the door.
The door was locked from the inside.
Wife! Wife! Open the door! – Tajiboy shook the door angrily.
His wife hadn’t slept yet, he hurried over and opened the door, throwing his handkerchief over her head. Tajiboy hurried inside. He wanted to say something, but he couldn’t. He looked around.
Is everything all right? – Asked his wife anxiously, as she locked the door again. – Why are you so late?
Tajiboy went inside without speaking. He looked around the rooms: the children were sleeping in their places!
What happened? Why don’t you talk? – His wife also began to fear. – Where were you walking? The director’s nephew came looking for you. A man who has never come to our house in his life with his descendants!
It does not matter, I went to my brother’s house … He will find me if I need him, – said Tajiboy. He said and was frightened. He leaned over under the pretext of filling the porcelain bowl with water from a bucket so as not to reveal his condition. Then he picked up the cup and drank.
Do you want to eat something?
“I can’t eat anything at this time”.
No, my brother’s wife cooked plov, – said Tojiboy, turning to his room.
How? – His wife said smiling. – Did she cook for his brother-in-law …
Who knows, may the end be good. – Tajiboy went to his bed and lay down on the blanket, which was still covered with a blanket.
What happened to the car? – Asked his wife, leaning against the door.
Tajiboy’s eyes said, “They won’t give me a car.” He was not calm. His hands were trembling.
That’s enough. It’s okay to drive an old car. Don’t write a complaint letter or fight with them. We will not starve. Nephew’s appearance is bad. I looked into his eyes and was startled.
“Oh, wife! In such a situation, our lives passed. I don’t know what tomorrow will happen. I couldn’t believe it. If they kill me … – Tajiboy was frightened. “No matter what, they shouldn’t touch the children!” – Tajiboy was humiliated. Tears welled up from his eyes. He raised his arms and covered his face with his jacket, as if he were unbuttoning his shirt so as not to show the tears dripping down his face. This excuse wiped away the tears. He didn’t want to show tears to his family. Such a humble wife! What about him? Worse than that! That is why no one respects. That is why his brother and his brother’s wife send him advice every time. They are ashamed to say that Tajiboy is my brother, this is my brother’s wife. After that, he should not be angry with others. Anyone advises him. They don’t say that his mind is self-sufficient, he can live… Nephew’s threat was the worst. He couldn’t do that to anyone else.
How long? How long do you have to put up with all this? Is that enough?!
Are there any good days? – Tajiboy went to bed and pulled on the blanket. He sighed heavily without realizing it. His heart was burning.
Wife, do you have any yogurt?
His wife quickly went and brought yogurt. At that moment, the two-year-old their child dozed, groaned, whispered something. His wife handed a bowl full of yoghurt to Tajiboy and went outside picking up her son. Tajiboy’s throat was choked again. If they were lurking in front of the door. As soon as his wife came out … Then his son … Tajiboy didn’t know how he went out in his underwear.
His wife was calmly taking the youngest child to the toilet. Tajiboy paused for a moment and then went back inside. He drank the yogurt from the cup to the end to calm his fast-beating heart. He was feeling well. He brought yogurt again for himself. He also began to eat the bread that was on the table.
On his way to work in the morning, his wife said, “Bring the knife today, and I’ll sharpen it myself.” No, he did not quarrel, did not say anything. Tajiboy, who had become angry because of what his wife had just said these words, was severely affected. His wife is a calm and patient woman. It was great, but for Tajiboy it was even worse than the fight. Tajiboy didn’t like the fact that she didn’t tell about her pain. They were always using neighbor’s knives in the household. What was Tojiboy doing after he couldn’t make money for one knife?! Neighbors who met on the way shook hands with Tajiboy to greet. They are kind, polite. Tajiboy was surprised. It would not be like that. In the past, when Tajiboy greeted, people did not usually respond …
As Tajiboy entered the garage, the blacksmith himself called:
Bring your knife, Tojiboy aka! I sharpen it well for three sums. – Was he joking? But Tajiboy didn’t understand. After all, he understood that he could buy four new knives for three sums.
Well, Tojiboy aka, even if you don’t pay, we need your health. For God’s sake, let me sharpen it. Sometimes we have to do good, don’t we?
At that moment, the director’s car “Volga” entered the garage. Crowds gathered around the new car near the dispatcher’s room. The director went inside. As Tajiboy watched the incident, he became restless. The blacksmith continued his work with ease. Can’t it be faster? What if they look for Tajiboy again? If Tajiboy is not found. What if they give the new car to someone else and say, “Tajiboy has gone”?
It’s an ax, – said the weaver calmly. – Have you ever brought it to blacksmith?
Tojiboy was silent. “Will you or won’t you?” he looked impatiently at the blacksmith, and looked hopefully at the director’s car again. If director gives him a new car, he believes he is good.
You were in a hurry yesterday, Tojiboy aka, – said the blacksmith, shaking his fat body and dipping the knife into the water in the bucket. – These idiots should have been punished … I wanted to say: “What Tajiboy aka wrote is true!” But I prefered to sit quietly. Well, there was an opportunity yesterday for those who hated the director, who said that the director should be lost but that day everybody fell silent. Hey, these people! .. You were a little inexperienced. All things will be ok. – The blacksmith stopped the wheel and stroked the blade of the knife. Then he began to remove the edge of the blade with a stone. – Tajiboy aka: Know that many people in the village support you. No one slept at Barlos tonight. More than fifty people came together and prepared a letter to the authorities. People say that “The director could not harm Tajiboy, how long will we be silent?” Your knife is ready, brother. It’s sharp now. I agree. Have a good day. Use it at weddings…
The exhausted Tajiboy even unable to bear to say gratitude to blacksmith, he took and touched to feel the sharpness of the blade, then walked towards the crowd. Before Tajiboy could reach his destination, Abdullah put the key in the door of the new car. Tajiboy was disappointed. So the older brother was right. So … he felt bad at first. Then it hurt him. The pain turned to anger and he approached the people. Khidir Sobirovich also came out from inside.
This car now … won’t you give it to me? – Asked Tajiboy sadly, sighing and roaring from the inner flame.
What do you need a new car for? You have a pen, you have a piece of paper, write! You get the car from Big Brother. – As the director mocked Tajiboy, he looked at those gathered for help. But none of the people laughed along with the director. Everyone was silent.
Give me this car! – Tajiboy’s voice was slow but threatening.
Hey, you may go, find your way before you scare me! – The director turned to the side and started looking for someone. – Can I trust you a new car? You have never driven a GAZ-53. What happens if you break it? The property of the state, something of value. Not my father’s. I answer for each car in front of authorities.
Hidir aka, but this is not fair. – Kurban tractor driver said. – At least give Abdulla aka’s old car to Tajiboy. He has a right!
Let him calculate if he is right. You are a lawyer in the middle. Abdullah’s old car is still new. It’s just been two years now. These people can’t do it. He hadn’t been able to drive a car for a month because he didn’t have a single bolt. In fact we have to tow his old car too! – The director raised his voice, showed with his index finger. – When there was another driver, he would have already repaired the car.
Won’t you give it to me? – Tajiboy’s voice was very muffled, crying, even scary and sad again.
E, I don’t need complaining writers! Go! Wherever you may complain, do it! If you want, go to UNESCO. Get out of the village completely! – The director turned around.
Hidir aka, look at me! – Said Tojiboy. He was still rubbing the blade of the knife in his trembling palm, tears streaming from his eyes.
What do you say, do you hit? .. – The director turned suddenly and his eyes went up in horror and his hands hung down. The director’s folder fell to the floor and opened.
Tajiboy had stuck the half knife in the director’s stomach… For a moment everyone froze. Then screams, shouts were heard. The papers in the folder were scattered, the director fell face down on the papers, and next to him were two bundles of ten-sum notes mixed with papers, and a black bundle of blood spilled like a fountain from his stomach, spilled over the coins and spread on the ground.
Tojiboy stared at the scene for a moment and groaned. The long knife in his hand slipped and fell to the ground. He pressed his bloody hands (unaware of this) to his face. He looked up at the sky. Laughing in an unnatural voice, he jumped up the sky like a crooked stick, and then fell to the ground.


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