Biography of a poet and author

Lou Fu (Hsu, shih-ting) was born in Taiwan. Member of Taiwan Poetry Society, Chinese Poetry Society, International Poetry Research Society. He served as deputy editor of the paper published “China miniature poetry” and the “extra-territorial style” section editor.

Author of “Banxia” poem selection (2017), “Shimmer” poem selection (2019).

“WLFPH World Peace and Human Rights Literary Forum” international peace envoy, her poems have been translated into English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Bengali, Japanese and other languages.

【Participation in the past 1 year】

*India’s TV news “AKN NEWS” on May 25, 2021 reported that Taiwanese poet Luo Fu translated his poem “Father” for Indian poet Bhawani Shankar Nial, and introduced Taiwanese poet Lou Fu.

*India’s “Pragatibadi Newspaper” on May 27, 2021, a special page introduces the resume of Taiwanese poet Lou Fu.

*2021 International Literary Standards Organization “International Fiction &
Research Council (IFRC)” (International Fiction Research Council) specially invited Taiwan poet Lou Fu to be its writer member.

*January 2022 “Global Chinese Poetry Concert” (New Zealand Spring Festival Gala special program) specially invited Taiwanese poet Lou Fu
And recite the poem “Clover”.

*2022 Nepalese newspaper “Kapan Baneshwor”, introducing Lou Fu’s poetic works. And translate Lou Fu’s poetry into Nepali.

*In March 2022, Lou Fu was invited to recite new poems with the Spanish Spring Poetry Festival.

*April 2022 “HUMANITY”
International magazine invites Taiwanese poet Lou Fu.Be on the cover of the current issue of literary magazines. And an in-depth interview with Lou Fu’s writing career.

*May 2022 “Centre for Women’s Studies” of the National Institute of History and Geography of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) Invite Lou Fu to participate in the “3rd International Women’s Literature Festival” and issue Lou Fu’s certificate to participate in the International Poetry Festival.

*In June 2022, she was awarded the “2021 Outstanding Young Poet Award” by the Taiwan New Poetry Society.

*Wins 2022 Naji Naman International Literary Award”.

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