The sun of love
Menidjel Soumaya
(  Algeria )

I loved him like a snowflake that flew in the wind
I saw it as a beautiful dream that went through my brain
The problem is that this dream has become an obsession
I see it in spring flowers and autumn leaves
Even in the summer sunshine and winter snows
My thoughts embrace him everywhere
His eyes sparkle of hope shining in my memory
I remember them whenever I feel like a failure in life
Not only do I love him, but he lives in me
He inhabits every living cell in my body
Sometimes I see my whole world Inside him, and other times I see it myself
He has a smile on his lips that makes me look like a little girl
He always Forcing me to cover my face like a shy girl
My cheeks are bright red and this is what I like about him
He is always able to make me happy in the most difficult times
My beloved is a handsome man, but I did not like him for the beauty of his appearance
I loved him because he has a voice that is more beautiful than the sound of music
He has a white heart of the color of snow in the middle of winter
Birds of the sky and flowers of the earth, applaud my beloved when passing through here
O winds of autumn and rains of winter, be gentle to my love, and give him all love
Tell him I send him my love in the breeze every day
Tell him I send him my love tweets with every swallow that flies in the migration seasons
Tell him that I send him my heartbeat with every raindrop that falls from the sky
Tell him that every day I stand waiting for the sunset and hoping to meet him
I will wait

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