Two poem by Anwar Rahim

Sound Of The Silence

Love thy silence
Listen to silence
Silence says so much fun
I move silently
Sound of heart beats
Soul only feels
Rhythm of heartfelt feelings
In starlit night
Twinkling stars
Lovely sight
Silent Cosmos
You said so much
In tone of your silence
A light in smile
Laughter in eyes
Grace in being quiet
Your healing touch
Message of your love
I understand thee
I fall in love with you

Autumn Muse

Lovely red and golden leaves
Reminds me of my love, within I weep
Sweetheart join me, my heart waits in subdued appease
Else we shall miss these beautiful Autumn scenes
Gentle scents in air, its fragrance floats in harvest breeze
With rustling sweet sounds, beauty reigns supreme by colorful leaves
Every passing moment, Fall waves goodbye to branches of the trees
Making colorful beds under arboreal with ease
An Autumn romance in sunny days, moonlit nights, passing by, survive the Winter freeze
Spring arrives with new buds, blooming flowers everywhere, seen.

Anwar Rahim
Born in February 1951, hails from Gilgit Baltistan- Pakistan.
A University Graduate in Economics and Political Science, a veteran turned poet in 2016, found my birth muse and vibes by narrating my inner self through poetry.
The poetic journey is short but I feel poetry has taught me much more than I could have learnt in any education institution.
My literary performance fetched me, global awards from Gujarat Sahitya Academy – India in 2020, 2021and 2022.
National Poet of Bangladesh Kazi Nazar ul Islam birth Anniversary award 2022.
Order of Mohatma award by Lasosyanyos Lar San Frontyer an International Art Society recognised by government of Seychelles.
Order of Shakespeare medal 2021 by Motivational Strips, world most active literary forum.
Participated in virtual V Eurasian Literary Festival- 2021 at Istanbul, Turkey, UHE Festival International 2022 in Portugal and virtual Festival Paper Fiber in Greece.
In year 2022 received Culture and Free Press and Media award from
“Sherine Abu Akel” from Syria and “Rabindarnath Tagore” Award 2022 jointly from Motivational Strips and Department of Culture government of Seychelles.
From Republic of Colombia award for Poetry Peace and Culture with numerous awards received from other international poetry groups.
My poems have featured in Anthologies, “Pakistani English Poets” and “Bouquet of Triple colours” of poets of Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. My poems in Anthology of SAARC countries is under process of publication
My poems featured in NBM Bangla TV Bangladesh and in Daily Bani Asia – Bangladesh.
My passion in poetry is to pursue genres, in Romance, Humanitarian issues, Environmental friendly concerns and Children rhymes.

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