My Safe Harbor

Fatima Gameiro

Fatima Gameiro ( Author )

Among coconut trees
love verses
and the sound of the waters of the sea
there was a boat sailing
looking for a love
where I could dock,
inside him there was a hug
and this hug was yours alone,
but it was lost at sea.

far too far to hear
a guitar playing
so sweet were your chords
that my lips desired
kiss you, but very slowly
in the sweet swing
from the waves of the sea…

And in the landscape of your body, in my desires
I will leave the mark of
my smile
for you from me

the truest part
from me, lives looking for you
just like this boat

But my destiny is to die
of loves
die of love
every night
listening to the music of the sea
looking for a poet,
my *safe haven* where
I can love you!

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