Snail Story…

This is a children’s story
It’s about animal whips
Once a snail went
Who was the real husband
To his wife And her shadow
He loved her very much
And too sweet
That cannot be described
The poet cannot say that
Because a snail is an animal
Who only dreams of everything
He drags himself into the hut
And he sings this song
And he pulls with his corner
And I go my happy way
And now good night
And the snail goes by…


First feeling never cheat
first kiss never forget
A day like a dream
morning full of scents
I bet everything that
after the rain comes the Sun.

When I close my eyes
I tell myself it’s over
I get into that a familiar feeling
All roads spin in a circle

It doesn’t matter
north or south I know,
a good wind follows me
the rhythm of the song carries me
No but no schedule
the heart has no schedule
no but no schedule ….

Only Me…

Sometimes I unknowingly take off into the sky I leave torments and worries, and I shouldn’t… Pen in hand, Blank paper in front of me. I’m going down an unknown path, I step into my thoughts, I’m running away from everyone, I’m looking for a place where I won’t be judged, A place where only I can be. The one I am in my soul, clean, honest, correct. And how. Not to run away. Only me… Only me….


BORNA KEKIC: He is 26 years old. He lives in Zagreb. He Creates Rap / Poetry Music. Loves doing this because it fulfills him in every way. He finished economics school. He writes poetry because it fulfills him in every sense. He is overjoyed to have met the poetic society. Through the verses he wants to show people how he feels and what he thinks.


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