Isilda Nunes is a writer and artist who has been awarded in her country and abroad with over fifty prizes and recognitions.

Her poems have been published in anthologies, magazines and newspapers in about fifty countries and translated into more than forty languages. She is co-author of some sixty national and international anthologies and author of books of poetry and prose. She has participated in and organised numerous national and international cultural, literary and solidarity events in her country and abroad. 

She is Founder and President of the General Assembly of UMEA (Association of the World Union of Writers and Artists); Chairperson of the Language, Literature and Oratory Art Committee of Modern Pythian Games (2022); President Pythian Games-Portugal (2022); President of “Unión Continental Ciesart y Consejo de la Presidencia” (August 23, 2022 – Present); Director General of the Ciesart Advisors (Ilustre Consejo de la Presidencia Ucc Headquarters in Spain, Peru and Switzerland) (August 17, 2022 – Present); President of the International CIESART-Portugal (May 25, 2022 – Present); Member of the Board of Directors of Editorial Atunis (May 21, 2022 – Present); Full Member of the LIK Academy – Literature, Arts, Communications based in Germany and Ukraine (May 15, 2022 – Present); Ambassador of the international multilingual literary magazine The Archer (April 2022 – Present); Portuguese Language Editor at “The Archer” Magazine in Bangladesh, Multilingual Literary and Artistic Magazine (April 2022 – Present); Vice-President MEL (Mulheres Empreendedoras da Lusofonia) Supervisory Board (April 22, 2022 – Present); International Consultant for China Poetry Garden Magazine (April 12, 2022 – Present); Member of the preliminary Jury of the “China Poetry Garden International Poet Award”; Chronicler at Helicayenne Magazine (April 11, 2022 – Present); Ambassador for Peace and Humanity IFCH Morocco “International Forum for Creativity and Humanity IFCH Morocco” (March 14, 2022 – Present); Associate Editor at Chinese Poetry Circle Magazine (January 13, 2022 – Present); Associate Editor at Chinese Poetry Circle magazine University, Chongqing – China; Honorary Member of International Lusophone Movement MIL (2021 – Present); Honorary Member of ALDCI (Associação Lusófona para o Desenvolvimento, Cultura e Integração) -ONGD (May 18, 2021 – Present); Member of the Advisory Board of Patripove (May 18, 2021 – Present); Lírio Mor Cultura Internacional MLA in the Movimento Lírio Azul (6th January 2021 – Present); Member of the Organizing Committee of “World Festival of Poetry” in Portugal (2020 – Present); Member of “World Nations Writers Union” WNWU (2020 – Present); Honorary Member in the Mozambican Writers Circle in the Diaspora (October 14, 2020 – Present); Member of the World Festival of Poetry (WFP) 2020 and is part of the Organizing Committee; Secretary of the Fiscal Council in the Association “GRE As Tricanas Poveiras” (2019 – Present); Delegate of the Minho Region in the Solidarity Project “Ser Mulher” (2017 – Present).

Held the positions of Honorary Ambassador of the “World Poets Federation” until 2022; Collective World Executive President of the “Unión Hispanomundial de Escritores” (UHE) (March 2021 to July 2022); President of the delegation of the UHE-Portugal (2020 to August 2022; World Ambassador of the UHE” (2020 to August 2022)


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