Jakhongir Nomozov

Jakhongir Nomozov is a young Uzbek poet. He was born in 1997. He has been writing poetry and journalism of Argentina Active member and coordinator of the working group of “Juntos por las Letras” international writers on Uzbekistan
Representative of Turkey’s Poetry Spring (ŞIIR SARNICI) magazine for Uzbekistan.
His poems were included in the international anthologies “Falshmob”, “Mujde”.
The works have been published in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Bangladesh, Nepal, Morocco, India, Vietnam, Serbia, Italy , China, ” Atunis galaxy poetry” America, Published on literary sites. Participant of the traditional Zaamin seminar of young poets. He is a member of the World Talents International Association. Winner of the Abay Medal.Amir Temur International Charitable Foundation is a holder of a commemorative badge. His poems are included in the books “Lyric Moments”, “Song of the Rivers”, “5 Opportunities for 5 Initiatives”, and “The Glory of Free and Prosperous Days”. In 2021, the book Rebellions in My Soul was published.
In 2022, the poetry book “Breath of the Sun”(Gunes nefesi) was published in Turkish.

The world goes round and round,
The clock miles spin non-stop.
Is it really true that I found?
Have I really passed through these roads?

I haven’t reached my destination yet,
My roads are still to be continued.
Have mercy on me, oh, my dear Lord,
Let me take deep breath once more…

I’m swimming in the seas of life,
Wind, lift my sails to heavens.
My hope is the stars of my fate,
Sun, caress my shoulders, I am here.

Both patience and salvation are all Yours,
Well, let the agitations get my soul.
You make bright and make prosperous,
My tomorrows after this world, after all…

The scattered stars of the sky,
I gather all at once in my eyes.
Satisfying the thirst of my soul,
I drink with pleasure moon’s rays….

Night is a meeting with my Love,
Night is my hope for tomorrow.
There is special divine in my heart,
Secrets will come from this magic night.

Night is the darkness painted by my sin,
Night is confession to God, repentance.
Night-the most beautiful wisdom I have seen,
It is the dew flowing to my soul on dawns…

Inspired by the warmth of the sun,
I wrote poems to the roaring streams.
Dews are spilled into August’s bosom,
Summer is running out of time, it seems…

Being filled with a sad emptiness,
The days getting shorter, night is getting long.
The voice of grasshoppers is fading away,
Lizards have stopped singing magic song.

My heart that has been burnt in million degrees,
The flames already filled goblet of my soul.
I’ll drink it over and over again,
On autumn evening of the last day of summer.

I’m tied to the chains of the dreams,
Having extreme passion, having extra love.
Is there real love in my heart, in life?
To whom I’m devoting myself, I don’t know.

I was excited, heart was filled with excitement,
The winds of my ego have also increased.
Going riot in heart, rebellion in soul,
I’m so sad, upset, so miserable…

Emotions pour like a flood without ceasing,
Allusions, my poems are played by words.
Have I really come to myself, disobeyed,
Will my truly inside from me turn away?

I put my every moment into words,
I turned my every past day into a book.
I have counted my joys, sorrows, however,
I haven’t reformed yet myself, inner world.

I have realized everything is a mirage,
It’s all about passing pain of world…
Even a heart made of love is broken,
I spent the nights of love sleeping…

Deluded by my delusional thoughts,
Springs and summers have passed in vain.
When the muezzin calls prayers to pray,
Roosters got smarter as compared to me.

Jakhongir NOMOZOV
Translated by: Maftuna CHILMURZAEVA

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