Today is the Birthday of Bangladeshi Author Mohammad Ankan, a familiar face among young writers. Beginning of writing in childhood. He regularly writes in national and foreign newspapers, magazines and periodicals. All branches of literature have equal skill. Competence, self-assurance and commitment are increasingly showing the future of this young writer. The readers continue to be surprised by the release of new books throughout the year. Everyone is impressed by the free movement of this talented young writer in literature. Many now dream of Ankan, who was born in the Chalanbil-dominated area of ​​Natore. He also vowed to fulfill his dream. He Was Born on 7 November 1997 in Nurpur, Singra, Natore. Father Md. Golam Mustafa, was a farmer and wiped his mother. Manwara Begum is a housewife. Second of three brothers. In his educational life he is B.Sc. Eng. CSE. Blood group B-positive. Currently residing in Ashkona, Airport, Dhaka-1230. Present occupation Secretary, Govt.

Mohammad Angkan’s published book 1. Even the wicked have intelligence-2019, 2. Two kings in one state-2020, 3. Unequal love of the city-2020, 4. Little ones are very naughty-2020, 5. Tiger-lion friendship-2020, 6. The unseen story of the seen city-2020, 7. Alomti-2020, 8. Day and night of this city-2021, 9. Naughty boy team-2021, 10. A Complete Routine of a Child-2021, 11. A Complete Routine of a Child-2021

He was awarded the Papri-Karamat Ali Children’s Literature Award-2019, Choin Message Award-2020, Sahitya Parishad Manuscript Award-2020.

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