Online Desk: Ashik Ahmed received the “Outstanding Leader Award” for volunteer work, leadership in social work, leadership in various activities for the development of youth society. Lion club International the world’s largest international services company. Its roots spread to almost all corners of the world. Attracting the world Lions Clubs International has been doing various service work for the last two years with the youth development platform Leo Clubs International and serving as the club secretary of Leo Club of Dhaka King’s Star.

This award is given every year in recognition of the work of young people from different organisation in the country for social work including leadership in youth society, volunteering, organizing, human and pitch, human teaching, meritocracy, women’s development.

When asked about his feelings about the award, Ashik said, “Actually, I don’t know how to express my feelings.” I have been doing voluntary work since my childhood with the inspiration of my parents. And I got recognition for that work in the international arena. I believe, these honors will increase the speed of my work.

Ashik began his journey as a volunteer in 2017, joining the Tangail Association of KUET , an organization of students of Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET) Tangail. Since then, his interest in volunteering and humanitarian work increased. Since then, he joined various voluntary organizations based on institutions and districts. At present, Ashik is working with several organizations including Bangladesh Scouts, Volunteers for Bangladesh, Leo Club International and taking the vow of humanity. In recognition of his social work, he has received Mao Zedong Youth Invention Award, National Service Award and recently Global Youth Leadership Award-2021. Ashik is also involved in various cultural activities including debate.
Ashik is currently working on more than 100 social welfare projects across the country; Activities included in the implementation of the United Nations SDG- Sustainable Development Goals-Sustainable Development Goals 17 goals. Among them, child labor prevention program, drug conflict program, quality development of the life journey of neglected micro-enterprises are one of them. When asked about the nomination of the award, Ashik said, “Someone who has been selected earlier has to give nomination, then the central panel decides the winner after their country-wise committee scrutinizes the work and confirms it by the district/organization.”

Ashik’s parents are excited about the award. Ashik’s father said, ‘My son has received the award as the youngest Bangladeshi delicatessen, I am proud as a father today. I used to see her running in social work since childhood, as a father I always wanted to give inspiration. Today I am proudly telling people about my son’s achievements.

Ashik expressed his firm belief that he will work as a volunteer for the development of the society for the rest of his life and said that he will work for the rights of third gender people in the future.

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