Name: Halyna Bokoch
Country: Ukraine

Relationships between men and women are built on trust. Loyalty is the most important quality in life because it builds strong relationships. People who love each other get married. A wedding is one of the most important events in every family and in the life of everyone who gets married. It is important for every person to have a family. In the family, love for each other should reign. You have to be willing to sacrifice your time for your family. You need to feel responsible for your loved ones. A man and a woman, creating a union, each contribute their own to it, and all this provides the basis for family relations, creates an atmosphere in which their children will grow up. A family where sincerity, fidelity lives, is strong and reliable. You can talk with your loved one for a long time and about anything. People support each other in all endeavors, consult with each other, make joint decisions. With a loved one, it is cozy, warm, joyful. Maintaining a relationship is a big daily task. People care about each other, think about children, about their happy future, want to be together in joy and sorrow, worry about each other. People trust each other, thank fate for having met. With a loved one, all problems are solved easily. People discuss daily issues together, they never hide anything from each other. If people argue about something, they always find a solution, discuss with each other who is right and who is wrong, what they did right and what was wrong. Although everyone has their own job, their favorite thing, the spouses find time to be together, find an activity that they like when they do it together. Spouses like in their free time to walk in the city park, a trip to the river, a trip to the forest for mushrooms. Every day people are at work from morning to evening, striving to achieve success in their work, make a career, but life goes by and not a single day can be returned. The beloved wants to be with her beloved more, but it does not work out. Beloved is a kind, honest, fair, affectionate, gentle, faithful person. Loyalty is a necessary condition for people to live a long and happy life together.

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