When the twilight is colorful, Naser AlshaikhAhmed

You’re my heart’s garden
And my heart’s neem
The kisses on my lips
And the wishes dream
You’re the songs of the lovers
In the remembrance as it may seem.

Seed me like a flower
As roses, lilies I would grow in your hand
As winter clouds that shower
heavenly rains upon your cheeks so bland.

Take a sip of amorousness
And read our love story
Read them to the gulls
And whisper it to your glory.

When the longing is deepened into your soul
It rains in the magic tears of sunset and all
And when the twilight is colorful
It reflects your image on mountains as wonderful
It reflects it on the surface of the sea
And on the rendezvous so free.

I did not find love until I found you.

source: Naser AlshaikhAhmed

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