UKTAMOYs (Uktamoy Khaldorova) Writings.


My missing that has grown green,
In a mortar the night is grinding less.
Blending deep in the rose flowers
I would like to rest with the leaves

I like to swing hanging the robe
On the pleasant flavor of serine
I would like to tidy up the plates
Of the rays of the moon fine.

I’m drowning deep in your world.
In you my thoughts’d night, dear.
Wherever you might go or stay,
My feelings would blossom there.

I am a fall’s decree
The leave,
Stung on the branches
Of trees in spring.
My soul is
Severely crushed
Like the ants
Under love’s heels.


Down my heart is falling spilling
From a nameless beautiful feeling.
In my embrace free birds dreaming,
Wake up from their sleeps, singing.
Stealing somebody’s peace
I enjoy breaking his freedom.
Into light my nights would turn
From picturing the endless dream.


My pillow is endurance,
My secrets the pillow shares,
On it were painted
Colorful flowers,
Every night I water
The sad flowers
With tears of my eyes
Would laugh the buds.
Every day I make
A compromise with night
The tolerance ending
The missing leaks tick-tick.
Scared from this noise
A flight the butterfly’d take
Sitting on the flower
Leaking down my tears,
Would make a little pool.
Being tired of my grieves
The flowers float joyfully
Down on the streams..
Not a single sign,
Was left on the pillow.
Now I’m still wandering
On the desert of love,
Its tolerance being ended
One day it drowns me too
Into the flood of missing, so.


Author Biography:  Uktamoy is a modern poetess of the Republic of Uzbekistan. She was born in Namangan region, graduated from Namangan State Universitys Philological Faculty. Her collections of poems such as: “My secret”, 2010 year, Sad down”(2008), (English) Picture of missing” (English 2009.), A Shedding Soul(2008), Tracks of a Swan(2005), Relying on Patience(2005), Homesick Birds, (1990) have been published.
And her three books were published in India:
“Torture of separation”, Hindu, 2010 year, “Sada ronda ey dil mahya”, Punjabi, 2009 y, “My heart Is weeping”, English, 2009 year.
For several years Uktamoy has worked as a journalist for TV, newspapers and some literature magazines of Uzbekistan.
Presently, she works as a chief editors «Kamalak-PRESS» in Tashkent city.
She has been a member of Uzbekistan Writers Association since 1991.

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